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Some of you fell through the cracks. Subscribers that is and I apologize for any missing notifications. I’ve only been posting about once weekly, so if you’ve missed anything just scroll down.

Are you on Pinterest?  It’s fun looking at the insane variety of creative boards there pinned by everyone and anyone. I have  lots of cat-related boards but recently started one just for my special stone-faced muse. She doesn’t have a name. I call her the Garden Muse and I’ve been photographing her for years but not consistently. Late last summer, it was time to give her a bigger platform and voice. It’s amazing how she never changes but her surroundings do, dramatically and colorfully all year round. The best is yet to come as the green shoots replace dead debris and blossoms evolve from spring into summer.  Check out her Garden Muse Quotes Pinterest board and follow/share if you like. With so much change around us, it’s good to have a rock we can depend on to stay the same.

The other day the light in the woods inspired the quote. The trees are slow to bud this year but the bareness allowed more light to shine through. We all can shine our light even when don’t think it’s there. It is. Sometimes it shines straight through and sometimes it’s filtered through layers of leaves or crap but it is there.

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  1. For SOME reason we weren’t receiving these from you so assumed you weren’t writing – then like magic, we received one last week……so happy about that…..not on Pinterest but it seems everyone else is…… ! I love your Garden Muse and in spite of the belated Spring, she looks READY for it!

    Hugs, Pam

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