Cat Wisdom 101

Cat Wisdom 101 is my other blog where we enlighten and entertain cat lovers. Click on to visit where our motto is purr more, stress less. Grab our latest freebie: A complete guide to cat cafes around the globe. Scroll down if you want to read about all my cat cred.

While Boomer Muse contains no cats, don’t be fooled. Cats are my life. They act as my creative muse for my work as a cat expert, social media and influencer consultant, an award-winning writer/photographer and speaker. In 2011, I founded the premier online magazine Cat Wisdom 101 where the mandate is to enlighten and entertain cat lovers everywhere.

As a  passionate advocate for cats, I founded the Toronto-based Annex Cat Rescue in 1997 and volunteered at New Rochelle Humane Society creating social media pet advocacy campaigns. In addition to blogging at Cat Wisdom 101, I contribute to,,, Nordic and The Huffington Post. I’m a professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association and a recipient of the Muse Medallion for photography in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and in 2018, for my book, the non-profit Black Cats Tell All: True Tales And Inspiring Images.

Layla Morgan Wilde lives in Westchester County NY and  is represented by David Nelson of Waterside Productions

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