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Why I Will Never Be A Wedding Photographer

If you’re getting married, hiring a wedding photographer is a given. Some are more creative than others but most couples want the standard memory shots, mostly posed, nicely framed with some candid shots. I would likely get fired for capturing unwedding-like pics, unguarded, anything but posed shots like these.  On a steamy July afternoon, I […]


Memories and Backdoor Thieves

One of my favorite long time readers disappeared during the unfortunate blog migration and he emailed me recently to see how I was doing. I guess he missed the email about the changes. Countless other readers also fell through the cracks and I was doubly delighted to hear from him. Not only would he leave […]


Say No to New Year Resolutions. Do This Instead.

Did you know 92% of New Years resolutions fail? Why begin something new with those kinds of odds of failing? No one needs another reason to beat themselves up. There’s no question goals of every kind are reached every day. From the time we’re born every one of us has achieved tons of goals from […]

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Perform Like You’ve Never Lost

Hey, it’s your Monday morning quarterback with some horse sense. Seriously, I did a lovely series on horses when I visited Knoxville recently. I’m so used to photographing cats, larger animals require a different focus and perspective. Horse never fail to inspire when you get close to their massive majestic bodies. We can all use […]

French gratitude quote

The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude

Leave it to the French to come up with The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude. But it’s somehow so perfect unlike the unruly vines outside my dressing room window. They’re wisteria that wended their way up the porch to the second floor and boldly spread to the roof. It was an experiment in laziness or […]


Nothing Scarier Than This On Halloween

Nothing is scarier than our imagination. But one scary thought is not having enough time to blog here more often. Cat Wisdom 101 is my prime focus. Over the past three months I’ve done four photo shoots at one of the most naturally spooky locations. I have dozens of eerie and evocative photos I’d intended […]

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Death as a Doorway: RIP Lorie Huston

About a month ago, I started scribbling notes for my doors and window series all about the beauty of crumbling beauty and decay. At the same time I’d done a Q & A with a friend at my other blog Cat Wisdom 101 and then thought nothing further. I’d looked forward to seeing her at a […]


The Shocking Truth About Selfies

Go on admit it: you take selfies. Everyone does, the way everyone is a photographer now. There are a staggering 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook. Every day. With 250 Billion photos, Facebook is now the largest photo archive in the world. There are 35 million selfies uploaded daily to Instagram. The shocking truth is […]


Happy Monday Right Out of The Gate

Happy Monday dear Boomer Muse readers. Let’s get an awesome week started right out of the gate. Life is more complicated than ever. Do you feel like you’re constantly juggling or jumping through hoops? This week’s intentional message is simple. When something is daunting and seemingly out of reach, think of a big gate. The […]