Make Every Day Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s a man-made holiday since the Earth, our dear planet, Gaia would say, Make Every Day Earth Day. Every day, something natural and wondrous happens. I notice the tiny things, the shifts in the life cycles of growth, decay, dormancy and rebirth over and over in a cosmic version of re-cycling. […]


Spring Equinox:The Real Easter and No Dance With The Devil

 March 20 is the first day of spring but did you know the it’s also the pagan holiday of Eostre or Ostara and the real Easter? Ostara is the Anglo-Saxon goddess named for east or dawn. Pagans, an agrarian culture celebrated the growing light and longer days with the hope of a long and fruitful growing season. Good […]

Celebrate the return of Light

12 Days of Yuletide Beats The 12 Days Of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas ends on December 25 but if you’re celebrating the 12 days of Yuletide which begins today, there is more to celebrate. Yule is marked on the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. It’s all uphill from here with gradual longer days of daylight to brighten moods. Yule has […]


Merry Everything and Holiday Colors Gone Wild

There so many holidays during December I feel like saying “Merry Everything” to be inclusive, but someone will think it offensive. Christmas used to be distinctly red and green in bright jewel tones but who dictated that color combo and why. If you look at vintage Christmas cards, they use a muddier palette. I don’t […]

30 day quote: what you are seeking is seeking you.

30 Days To A New Life

While you’re going through holiday season hell, heaven, joy, frustration or fill in your flavor, size, colorful adjective of your choice, only one thing is true: There are 30 days left until the new year.  How you spend or think of  those 30 days may color the rest of next year, or the rest of […]

dia del los muertos

The Power of Letting Go

Is three times the charm? Let’s hope so as we re-post about letting go for the third time. A WordPress plugin glitch created a fatal error and in the restore lost the post, again in the height of Trickster irony.  Apologies for broken links to previous versions of the post on social. This is a […]

Happy Samhain

The Real Horror Of Halloween: A True Story

The Real Horror Of Halloween: A True Story. Well actually I have three. The spookiest time of the year is largely manufactured to the tune of 6.9 billion in the U.S. this year. It’s spent on candy, decorations and costumes for humans and their pets. The thought of cats and dogs prancing around as giant hot […]

autumn-quote-time-leaf Zen

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen With Sprezzatura

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen is not a to-do list but a to-be state of mind. No instructions. No rules. Just a little autumn Haiku and sprezzatura. This image is a departure for me but its simplicity speaks volumes or not. I’ve been struggling with simplicity lately in my creative work. My mind wants […]

dia del los muertos

Make Time For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah

It’s the Jewish New Year. No matter what religion you follow, the kick off to the holiday season seems to begin earlier every year.  Advertising is already about Halloween and  yikes, turkey time. With our busy lives it takes effort to make the holidays meaningful. For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah, simple take a […]

think big quotes-air travel

Looking Small But Thinking Big

  Airplanes have small windows but see big worlds.  They appear as huge metal birds on the ground but tiny specks in the sky. They feel spacious when you don’t have anyone next to you. They feel tin can small when the stranger next to you invades your personal space. Airplanes  are what they are […]