Make Every Day Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s a man-made holiday since the Earth, our dear planet, Gaia would say, Make Every Day Earth Day. Every day, something natural and wondrous happens. I notice the tiny things, the shifts in the life cycles of growth, decay, dormancy and rebirth over and over in a cosmic version of re-cycling. […]


Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable

Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable and neither does Mother Nature. Last week I dashed over to see the cherry blossoms at dusk. I’d already photographed them earlier on blue sky day The park is only 5 minutes from my house and something told me to go. I knew I wouldn’t have time to go […]


What Your Future Self Craves

What Your Future Self Craves is the good you could do today. It could be altruistic or humanitarian but chances are you have that covered. What your future self is probably craving and hoping you do is self-care now. Women give and keep giving from the time they get married, have their first child to taking […]


Blog Content Stolen? Take The Road Less Traveled and Do This

  This is a happy story about stolen blog content and photo quotes. When I launched Boomer Muse in 2008, photo quotes were at the beginning of their popularity. I would have never guessed they’d saturate the internet as they do now. Of the thousands of my own original photo quotes, many were stolen and many others […]


The Power of Letting Go

Is three times the charm? Let’s hope so as we re-post about letting go for the third time. A WordPress plugin glitch created a fatal error and in the restore lost the post, again in the height of Trickster irony.  Apologies for broken links to previous versions of the post on social. This is a […]

quote empty nest

Feathering An Empty Nest

The Boomer Muse is alive and well, feathering new nests like Cat Film Fest At Sea but neglecting this one. There is only one life and with only 24 hours and one brain and no army of minions, something has to give.  Like sanity.  Being early autumn, it was no surprise to find an empty nest. […]

Tree hugging quote

Hugging Trees Proven To Help Stress

It’s nice when science catches up to what humans have known since the dawn of time. Hugging trees is now scientifically proven to improve health, lower stress and anxiety according to a new study. And it’s not only trees but all plants have healing benefits. In Blinded by Science the chapter on plants is a […]

autumn-quote-time-leaf Zen

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen With Sprezzatura

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen is not a to-do list but a to-be state of mind. No instructions. No rules. Just a little autumn Haiku and sprezzatura. This image is a departure for me but its simplicity speaks volumes or not. I’ve been struggling with simplicity lately in my creative work. My mind wants […]


What Are You Not Seeing Quotes

            The fall berries are out and I don’t want to see them. An  abundance of berries means a cold winter ahead, if you believe in folklore.  This time of year is good for examining our beliefs. Is it time to lay some of them into the compost bin,  burn […]

end of summer quotes

What Summer Looks Like Now

Summer looks like this now, or at least it did yesterday on a hot afternoon north of NYC. The lush greens are fading, fall berries are ripening and the first pumpkins are here. There’s a contradictory energy in the air, equal parts languid and urgent. A feeling of wanting to hang on,  enjoy every last […]