New Year Witches 2018 Manifesting Magic Manifesto

New Year Witches 2018 Manifesting Magic Manifesto by Layla Morgan Wilde The power of three is three times the charm. There is nothing airy fairy unicorn sparkly about this post.  When magic happens, you can see it and feel it. It’s real. You can bank on it like the red or black of your bank […]


Yuletide Photo Quotes Cheer On the Worst Day Of The Year

Yuletide Photo Quotes Cheer On The Worst Day of the Year, oops, I mean the Shortest Day. Short and sweet. It’s the first day of winter, hello… Breathe in the gloom, breathe out the light. A little more daylight every day from today forward. The colder, darker season is made for hygge coziness by the […]


Solar Return: When Your Birthday Is Not Your Birthday

In astrology, the Solar Return is the exact moment the sun returns on our birth day but it may or may not be your birthday. Depending on the year, it could be the day before or the day after. Our solar return isn’t just about making birthday wishes but a powerful time of exploring themes […]


I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not)

I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not) Before most millennials were born, the iconic line from the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally still resonates but what about the food? And why am I suddenly hating on millennials? I found out a couple weeks ago and no, I did not follow in the footsteps of the thousands […]


BOOM BUST BOOM Film Will Blow Your Mind

  BOOM BUST BOOM the new documentary about the global economy will blow your mind. When I agreed to attend a press screening with my documentarian, anarchist-leaning hubby Joel Sucher I expected a boring doc about the economic collapse of 2008, but the moment the film opened with Monty Pythonesque animation I knew we’d entered the land […]


Versailles 2016: Immersive Theatre At Its Best

Last Friday I had a ringside seat at Versailles 2016, an immersive theatre production in the producer’s home, a charming hillside Tudor in a Westchester County town near me. I’ve experienced just about every kind of theatre from small-town repertory to Broadway but this was a first.  It felt like going to a house party […]


Make Time For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah

It’s the Jewish New Year. No matter what religion you follow, the kick off to the holiday season seems to begin earlier every year.  Advertising is already about Halloween and  yikes, turkey time. With our busy lives it takes effort to make the holidays meaningful. For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah, simple take a […]

NYC stories

8.4 Million New York Stories: Only One Counts

There are over 8.4 million people living in New York City and everyone of them has a story.  The one that counts is the one that touches us the most in the moment. Usually it’s our own story. New Yorkers like most big city residents are in a hurry and absorbed in their own world. […]

wedding persian garden ny-016

Why I Will Never Be A Wedding Photographer

If you’re getting married, hiring a wedding photographer is a given. Some are more creative than others but most couples want the standard memory shots, mostly posed, nicely framed with some candid shots. I would likely get fired for capturing unwedding-like pics, unguarded, anything but posed shots like these.  On a steamy July afternoon, I […]


Monday Motivation: New York Blizzard

            We were late putting away the lawn furniture this year. So late we figured why not leave a couple of chairs to measure snow accumulation. For fun. This was snapped yesterday when I was feeling optimistic about the advent of spring. Yay, happy Monday folks and all that motivational […]