Solar Return: When Your Birthday Is Not Your Birthday

In astrology, the Solar Return is the exact moment the sun returns on our birth day but it may or may not be your birthday. Depending on the year, it could be the day before or the day after. Our solar return isn’t just about making birthday wishes but a powerful time of exploring themes […]


The Beauty of Wisdom

The beauty of wisdom is quixotic at times. You can quote me on that. What’s not wise is creating content at my Boomer Muse Instagram account and not sharing here or vice versa. I’m posting most days there with deliberate intent. The grid of squares looks like a box of chocolates with some round, some […]


Life Secrets: Trump, Pokemon Go and Stealing Joy

Life Secrets: Trump, Pokemon Go and Stealing Joy. Like millions of others, I watched the Republican Convention speeches with curiosity. Head-scratching curiosity filled with questions: how did we get to this juncture in history? What the hell is going to happen next? Why this, why now? Those questions about Trump are equally valid about Pokemon […]

saying good-bye to summer 2012

A Blast From The Past: Zen and Now

If necessity is the mother of invention, then I hit the mother-lode. While scrolling through our crazy massive archives I found screenshots of old blog posts. These are the lost orphans that disappeared during the WordPress which shall not be named. While I don’t have all 2000 posts, there are quite a few. The image […]

NYC stories

8.4 Million New York Stories: Only One Counts

There are over 8.4 million people living in New York City and everyone of them has a story.  The one that counts is the one that touches us the most in the moment. Usually it’s our own story. New Yorkers like most big city residents are in a hurry and absorbed in their own world. […]

end of summer quotes

What Summer Looks Like Now

Summer looks like this now, or at least it did yesterday on a hot afternoon north of NYC. The lush greens are fading, fall berries are ripening and the first pumpkins are here. There’s a contradictory energy in the air, equal parts languid and urgent. A feeling of wanting to hang on,  enjoy every last […]

wedding persian garden ny-016

Why I Will Never Be A Wedding Photographer

If you’re getting married, hiring a wedding photographer is a given. Some are more creative than others but most couples want the standard memory shots, mostly posed, nicely framed with some candid shots. I would likely get fired for capturing unwedding-like pics, unguarded, anything but posed shots like these.  On a steamy July afternoon, I […]


All NEW: Triple Treat of Cool Rumi Photo Quotes

        An iced latte is cool or maybe a  triple scoop of ice cream. I can’t help you there but I do have a bumper crop of Rumi photo quotes leftover from last week.  Here are are three more for a triple treat of Rumi. His age old wisdom is as fresh […]

waterlilies pond quotes-rumi-travel

You Won’t Want A Private Jet To Travel Here

Last week I blogged about the joys of travel even in crappy situations but the truth is you don’t need to travel. Travel expands your minds and stretches horizons but inner  journeys go farther.  I’ve finally gotten to enjoy Instagram  in a weird mix of wonder and puzzlement. There was a selfie of unhappy looking […]

summer countdown flowers

You Love Cold, I Love Hot. Leave The A/C Off

    Just saying: there are only 62 days left of summer. I’m enjoying every drop of sweat and don’t mind sleeping without A/C. Okay, maybe turned on low. Meanwhile I have a friend who is doing a summer countdown with the opposite intention. She hates the heat and lives for cool weather.  I’ll continue […]