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Persian Garden Inspiration By Rumi

Persian Garden Inspiration By Rumi is our theme this week. We begin the week with a double dose of water lily love. Remember, the entrance to the sanctuary is within you.  It’s  the ultimate in self-deception to think otherwise.  The sanctuary is peace, love and all we hold sacred and true. And the inspiration you […]

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Summer Tip of the Day: Juicy!

              When I started the summer countdown I didn’t expect the days the whiz by as fast as the 4th of July fireworks. Yikes, the fireworks are over and there are only 77 days left of summer. Are you making juicy memories? Finding the joy in hidden unexpected places? […]

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Love Every #^&* Word Of Your Life

          Someone correct me if I’m wrong: it may be only 83 days left of summer.  When June, a favorite month sped by in a haze of anguish, grief and exhaustion I decided to find the joy no matter what. I love summer and I love my life even when it’s […]

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Only 86 Barefoot Summer Days Left

Summer is short.  With summer barely out of the gate, it’s feels like endless barefoot days ahead but there are only 86 days until fall. Here’s a crazy idea. I thought I’d focus all our photo quotes on the magic, brevity and joy of summer by numbering them. In an ideal world, there would be […]

Iris time quote

Iris Time

The irises in my garden were budding on the day I left for Nashville 12 days ago and they’re all but gone to papery crisp today. How did this happen? How did June turn up so quickly? How could the never-ending winter leave no traces as I walk barefoot on the grass; feet with no […]

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Taking The Stairs Two At A Time

Do you remember the last time you felt energized and motivated to take the stairs two at time? I don’t.  I also don’t remember when my knees began to creak and complain.  Suddenly all kinds of people I know are having knee surgery, back surgery, MRIs, procedures I can’t spell or pronounce. The only thing […]


Monday Motivation: Gorgeous Rose Garden in Smell-o-Vision

Can you remember the smell of the perfume your grandmother or mother wore? How about the scent your baby’s or cat’s  head? It’s all in your head. That’s how you can access you inner Smell-o-vision. In the dead of winter, I offer you this  gorgeous rose garden and you don’t even have to do any […]

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The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude

Leave it to the French to come up with The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude. But it’s somehow so perfect unlike the unruly vines outside my dressing room window. They’re wisteria that wended their way up the porch to the second floor and boldly spread to the roof. It was an experiment in laziness or […]


Dare To Do This For Instant Serenity

You know things have gone beyond crazy busy when you’re dreaming of being stranded on desert island with no WIFI. No Internet. Nothing but fresh air wafting through an overloaded brain. I straddled the middle path by working often in the garden or hammock but summer is over. The last rose shed her petals a […]

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Do Your Shoes Let You Rule The World?

Fashion Week (watch the highlights live) is winding down and for many us, shoes are the cherry on top. Shoes don’t care you’ve gained two dress sizes, if you’re tall or short, model gorgeous or seen better days. A good pair of shoes (and we all have our favorites) can make or break your outfit, […]