Roosevelt’s Advice On President’s Day

One of my favorite “can do” quotes is by Theodore Roosevelt and his advice fits President’s Day or any other day. Life, conditions and reality is never perfect. It’s bitterly cold today and the last thing I wanted to share was icy imagery. I found these from series taken just before the snow hit. There’s […]

French gratitude quote

The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude

Leave it to the French to come up with The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude. But it’s somehow so perfect unlike the unruly vines outside my dressing room window. They’re wisteria that wended their way up the porch to the second floor and boldly spread to the roof. It was an experiment in laziness or […]

Layla Morgan Wilde- Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Saves The Day Before #BetterWithPets

Who rescues those who rescue pets? Who saves a frazzled, pet summit goer? I found out last week in NYC. I was invited to #BetterwithPets, a TED type event sponsored by Purina. My home in Westchester County isn’t exactly a far flung locale, but the organizers reserved a room for me at the Eventi, a […]


The Shocking Truth About Selfies

Go on admit it: you take selfies. Everyone does, the way everyone is a photographer now. There are a staggering 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook. Every day. With 250 Billion photos, Facebook is now the largest photo archive in the world. There are 35 million selfies uploaded daily to Instagram. The shocking truth is […]


Soul Shooting Selfies in Black and White Photography

While on a blog hiatus from Boomer Muse this summer, I  wasn’t exactly shooting the breeze or twiddling my thumbs,  I blogged most days at Cat Wisdom 101 and took photographs. Yes, there are always lots of kitty pics but I found a subject even more  alluring. Despite a crazy schedule I found time to […]