Earth To Humans: Today is Your Holiday

Happy Earth Day! I’d planned on posting something fabulous and went a Google image search for “Earth Day Quotes”.  The very first image that popped up was mine, stolen on site with many others claiming they were free.  They made it almost impossible to leave a comment and there was no contact info. I finally left my copyright infringement comment, got up to leave when I noticed another image on another website. This image of a huge hollow tree trunk had my URL and name clearly marked but by then I felt violated. I left a comment and didn’t look further.

Feeling less than creative, I  found a few aerial pics I’d take last fall and here we are.  There is something about being high above the earth to get a sense of Her smallness and how interconnected we all are,  for better or worse, citizens of one planet.

Happy Earth Day quote

2 thoughts on “Earth To Humans: Today is Your Holiday”

  1. Such a pity about the thievery! It’s the sort of thing that causes other photographers to place their copyright squarely across the center of the photo. :/

    I see the picture was taken over Tennessee. It causes mixed feelings. While I love my electricity, I’m not happy about the transmission lines’ path. How appropriate for Earth Day.

    1. Thanks, sometimes I do place a watermark in the middle but it doesn’t seem to stop them. Glad you appreciated my subtle message.

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