The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude

Leave it to the French to come up with The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude. But it’s somehow so perfect unlike the unruly vines outside my dressing room window. They’re wisteria that wended their way up the porch to the second floor and boldly spread to the roof. It was an experiment in laziness or a mad accidental gardener moment this summer. I liked having the green creep up to the window but it’s a science experiment run amok. The desperate housewives on Wisteria Lane would not approve. The leggy beasts have to be pruned but I’m in no hurry. All the leaves are falling at an alarming rate. By next week, it’ll be bare city. So, let’s wait and see: how long will the green last?

I’m grateful for every remaining green leaf and hope there is a lively sense of future benefit. Maybe in the spring?

French gratitude quote