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Make Time For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah

It’s the Jewish New Year. No matter what religion you follow, the kick off to the holiday season seems to begin earlier every year.  Advertising is already about Halloween and  yikes, turkey time. With our busy lives it takes effort to make the holidays meaningful. For A Honey of a Rosh Hashanah, simple take a moment, dip an apple slice in a tablespoon of honey and savor the sweetness. Close your eyes. Pause. Rejoice in the wonder. Despite everything,  life is pretty sweet. This isn’t your typical Rosh Hashanah card for a reason. I was stuck waiting in heatwave with nothing to drink but I was forced to pause and noticed some sunflowers and a clock. It wasn’t about telling time but savoring the moment. I was uncomfortable but the sky was blue, I had a place to sit in the shade and it’s hard to feel cranky with the happiest flowers  sprouting six feet high.

Rosh Hashanah sweet life quote


  • msphoebecat

    I could use some honey right now- a honey and peanut butter sandwich sounds just about right. Sorry to have been MIA the past months, things have been difficult with two fur kids having a terminal diagnosis. They are stable now, but each day is treasured with the unknown. Purrs to you, the boys, and resident princess. ??

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