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Soul Shooting Selfies in Black and White Photography

photography quote-black and white #MBFW

While on a blog hiatus from Boomer Muse this summer, I  wasn’t exactly shooting the breeze or twiddling my thumbs,  I blogged most days at Cat Wisdom 101 and took photographs. Yes, there are always lots of kitty pics but I found a subject even more  alluring. Despite a crazy schedule I found time to poke round my favorite places in Westchester County and found a few places of heart-stopping beauty. Secret places. Places forgotten and lost in time. Some required trespassing. They will become part of a regular new series: Portals of the Past. Windows, doors, doorways, openings; symbolic entries into another world.

This isn’t a new passion. Portals have long fascinated me as has Wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of finding beauty in transformation, imperfection and aging in nature or man-made objects. Wabe sabe will be a sub group or category. What re-energized this passion was the accidental discovery of places I didn’t know existed, in my area. It was like finding  hidden treasure in my backyard. It validated my belief that what you seek can be near you. You don’t need to travel to India to find a guru or climb Mt. Everest to find adventure. When you look where you haven’t looked before, who knows what you might find in your neck of the woods.

The new categories will be: Portals of the Past and Future. Doors and portals, Windows and Wabi-sabi. Many photo quotes will belong to all of the above but the down the road the sub groups will be handy for streamlined searches. I can’t wait to share my treasures with you.

Today’s black and white selfie is in honor of Fashion Week which continues until Thursday.

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