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Do Your Shoes Let You Rule The World?

Fashion Week (watch the highlights live) is winding down and for many us, shoes are the cherry on top. Shoes don’t care you’ve gained two dress sizes, if you’re tall or short, model gorgeous or seen better days. A good pair of shoes (and we all have our favorites) can make or break your outfit, […]


Soul Shooting Selfies in Black and White Photography

While on a blog hiatus from Boomer Muse this summer, I  wasn’t exactly shooting the breeze or twiddling my thumbs,  I blogged most days at Cat Wisdom 101 and took photographs. Yes, there are always lots of kitty pics but I found a subject even more  alluring. Despite a crazy schedule I found time to […]

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What Would Joan Rivers Say #MBFW

  Fashion Week lost its fizz when Joan Rivers sadly passed on Thursday. I wondered what Joan would say about fashion week this year. Her funeral is today and I sorely miss her fearless wit and fashion sense.  We’ve lost a trailblazer and icon. She of course made a career of lambasting fashion as the host […]


Top 10 Fashion and Style Quotes

New York Fashion Week and these are my top 10 fashion quotes. Well, 11 if you count mine in the photo quote. 1) “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe 2) “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you […]


Dressing America: Film About Fashion’s Future is in its Jewish Roots

So you think you know fashion? To get the skinny and get in the mood for New York Fashion Week,  the documentary Dressing America airs tonight and is a must see. Dressing America: Tales From the Garment Center WNET, New York, Tuesday night at 10, Eastern time. Produced by Pacific Street Films. Directed and produced by Steven […]