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Summer Tip of the Day: Juicy!

              When I started the summer countdown I didn’t expect the days the whiz by as fast as the 4th of July fireworks. Yikes, the fireworks are over and there are only 77 days left of summer. Are you making juicy memories? Finding the joy in hidden unexpected places? […]


Top 10 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers and Readers

  Love quotes and motivation? Of course you do. Let’s get the week off in the right direction with my top 10 fave motivational quotes for bloggers that also apply to readers. Plus a pretty pic  just because it’s Monday and my magnolia tree is at its peak of blossoming.  I know it’s not right […]


Monday Motivation: Gorgeous Rose Garden in Smell-o-Vision

Can you remember the smell of the perfume your grandmother or mother wore? How about the scent your baby’s or cat’s  head? It’s all in your head. That’s how you can access you inner Smell-o-vision. In the dead of winter, I offer you this  gorgeous rose garden and you don’t even have to do any […]