What Summer Looks Like Now

end of summer quotes

Summer looks like this now, or at least it did yesterday on a hot afternoon north of NYC. The lush greens are fading, fall berries are ripening and the first pumpkins are here. There’s a contradictory energy in the air, equal parts languid and urgent. A feeling of wanting to hang on,  enjoy every last summer moment while looking forward to a new season of new experiences. Whether you’re counting down the days with glee or woe, the end result is the same: 28 days. That’s it. For me, I’ll follow the advice of the Garden Muse and carpe diem the hell out of it. How about you?

end of summer quotes



5 thoughts on “What Summer Looks Like Now

  1. I feel like I’m swimming in syrup. Everything seems to be moving slowly and the day seems never ending, until suddenly it’s late, the sun has set and everything that should have been done is put off until tomorrow. I know this can’t last forever. School will start, paperwork must be completed, house & yard work done, tomorrow. After all, who can be expected to accomplish much of anything when they’re swimming through the sweet, sticky, soft days of Summer. ☀️

    • boomermuse says:

      That’s how I’m feeling too. The heat slows everything into molasses. My garden has never been more wild and won’t be dealt with with until fall!

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