When Dreaming Big Meets Intuition

You can dream big but how big is big? What does it all mean when the odds of certain events happening are corroborated by stats? I’m wrestling with a big opportunity but one with daunting stats of failure.  Last week I needed mega self-care and headed on a whim to the Persian Gardens at Untermeyer Park.  I hadn’t visited since last year and had no idea given the late spring what would greet me.  Lucky me;  the tulips were at peak and in a showy new color combo from last year.  There were only two other people there but I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I needed to clear my head.  Ideate.  Creative brainstorm.  Some intuitive nudge propelled towards the back where I could see a man snapping photos.  At that moment my camera battery mysteriously dies and I groan. The man says, “Maybe you’re not supposed to just enjoy the flowers.  The next thing I know we’re sitting talking deeply about life changes in both our lives.  The kind of profound conversation you have with a very old friend. The kind that never have happened if the camera was working. As much I thought I wanted to ideate alone, Spirit, God, Higher Power or whatever had other plans.  It turns out the person was the ideal sounding board and kindred spirit.  And one of the many examples recently of what happens when you trust the intuitive flow.

Are the odds stacked against me for realizing a very big dream? You bet.  But we all know what we get more of what we focus on. The question is:  what to focus on.  The odds or beating the odds. The moment insecurity, fear or doubt surfaces the default  response with most of us results in failure. Those odds. What was I thinking! Too good to be true.  Screeech. Rewind.  Change gears and attracts more of what you want while monitoring the back and forth dance of odds. Crack that whip. Beat those odds.



Tulips- SUCCEED quote


3 thoughts on “When Dreaming Big Meets Intuition”

  1. That is a once in a blue moon experience!

    I have never heard the word ideate before!! 🙂

  2. When I get into a situation like that, I look at the worst possible scenario and then try to figure out what I would do if it actually happened. It is not a negative act at all, just a case of me trying to keep balanced. I don’t know anything at all about your opportunity, but the word “exciting” sure popped up.

    1. Exciting is a great word full of energy. The balance for me is keeping the energy turning into fried = exhaustion.

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