What Will You Harvest This Week?

As we begin a new week, I’m painfully aware of my absence here but it’s harvest time. Yes, that’s me with the late harvest raspberries but I’m no farmer. This year I wouldn’t even call myself a gardener, maybe a weed grower but I’m enjoying seeing the fruit of other gardeners. My harvest is metaphorical and we all have them. We don’t even need to wait until autumn. Harvests are the result of seeds planted. Ideas nurtured. Deliberate choices made. Repeatedly. Water, feed, weed. Repeat. It’s where habits grow out of. Good or bad is relative on a personal level. It’s never the situation but our response to the situation that deems it good or bad. On a global scale, we all know what’s inherently good. It’s why we cry in sappy movies, when justice is served and the bad guys lose.

This week, this month, this moment will provide opportunities for you to choose from. You can click right now go to another website. You can continue to read or study the images. You might share this on social media. Two minutes from now, you’ll have a new array of choices and if that’s no good, you can do nothing. Not choosing is always a choice. I hope you choose to back here.

I’ll be travelling this week and posting will be spotty but I’ll post at least once more or maybe not. Kidding. I always deliver what I promise.

Happy harvesting and do subscribe, share and maybe even comment. It’s a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “What Will You Harvest This Week?”

  1. Sadly, even if all of us do know what’s inherently good, many do the exact opposite 🙁 Good post and wonderful pictures! x

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