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Death as a Doorway: RIP Lorie Huston

About a month ago, I started scribbling notes for my doors and window series all about the beauty of crumbling beauty and decay. At the same time I’d done a Q & A with a friend at my other blog Cat Wisdom 101 and then thought nothing further. I’d looked forward to seeing her at a conference next month in Atlanta. I won’t be seeing her again. She died this afternoon. I knew she was in the hospital but didn’t worry until I heard she was on life support last night.  A couple hours before she died, a  loud chorus of crows erupted outside my window and I knew.  An email three hours later confirmed the tragic news: Lorie Huston was dead. Obviously I’m still in shock but I have a plane to catch in the morning and this is all I can muster for now.  It’s too soon to wrap my head around the senseless loss. I went back to the first page of the notebook and these words popped out: Death is but a doorway. Time is but a window. Sad. Poignant. Perfect.

This one’s for you Lorie. Rest in Peace.

death doorway quote


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