About Layla

About Layla Morgan Wilde

I wear many hats but these fit now: Author, visionary artist, cat expert and shamanic tarot for seekers ready to blossom.

I wouldn’t dream of calling myself a shaman, but if I did it would be the Sensible Shaman. No nonsense. No woo woo trappings just sound support and guidance as an elder.

I’ve walked the shamanic path as an intuitive animist from early childhood.

My A to Z Spiritual tool box is crammed with decades of experience and teachings.

My focus has been on ancestral healing for the past few years. Spirit has required deep inner work but I will be emerging like a bear from their hibernation in the spring to see clients once again.

If that resonates with you, message me and we can chat.

My mantra is to: 

See you

Support you

Honor you

Inspire you

Celebrate you


Land Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that our property sits on the traditional, unceded land of the Munsee Lenape peoples. It’s important to honor their enduring connection to this land and recognize their rich heritage, which continues to influence the place I call home.


I’ve resumed limited blogging here but if you love cats, please visit me at my other site Cat Wisdom 101

Yours, in infinite love and trust,


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