Solar Return: When Your Birthday Is Not Your Birthday

In astrology, the Solar Return is the exact moment the sun returns on our birth day but it may or may not be your birthday. Depending on the year, it could be the day before or the day after. Our solar return isn’t just about making birthday wishes but a powerful time of exploring themes […]


Making Magic on International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day and there has never been an more important time to celebrate and support women. Wear red in solidarity even if it’s red lipstick. Red is the most powerful color there is. It’s primeval and the color of energy, passion and action. Some woman are choosing not to work today […]


The Beauty of Wisdom

The beauty of wisdom is quixotic at times. You can quote me on that. What’s not wise is creating content at my Boomer Muse Instagram account and not sharing here or vice versa. I’m posting most days there with deliberate intent. The grid of squares looks like a box of chocolates with some round, some […]

chinese new year good fortune

Chinese New Year Good Fortune Without The Cookie

Chinese New Year Good Fortune without the cookie. Yes, no calories either. If you feel the new year hasn’t quite kicked it yet, wait until tomorrow. The Chinese New Year begins tomorrow with a new moon, the auspicious time for new beginnings. It’s a 15-day celebration and will kick start any sluggish January beginnings. I […]


Why 2017 is Going to Be Better #2016bestofnine

Why 2017 is Going to Be Better and our #2016bestofnine. It comes down to numbers. In numerology, 2016 resonated to a #9 year (add up the single digits of the year). It’s the end of a nine year cycle and the time when we’re itching to slough off the past and more than ready for […]


Leonard Cohen, Visionary Canadian Zen Singer/Songwriter/Muse Dies at 82

Leonard Cohen, Visionary Canadian Zen Singer/Songwriter/Muse Dies at 82. A gloomy week in the U.S. turned darker. The world has lost an iconic poet with a body of work spanning 60 years. Leonard Cohen’s instantly recognizable gravelly voice and ageless wisdom will continue to inspire generations to come. My introduction to Cohen was in Montreal. […]

Happy Samhain

As Above and So Below On Samhain (Halloween)

As Above and So Below On Samhain (Halloween) means finding the real magic. It’s my favorite holiday of the year, even though it marks the end of summer, my favorite season. Apparently I’m not the only one. Halloween continues to grow in popularity. According to the National Retail Federation HALLOWEEN SPENDING is estimated to reach $8.4 […]


I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not)

I’ll Have What She’s Having (Not) Before most millennials were born, the iconic line from the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally still resonates but what about the food? And why am I suddenly hating on millennials? I found out a couple weeks ago and no, I did not follow in the footsteps of the thousands […]


Social Media Success Secrets

Read on for social media success secrets and the truth behind one famous quote. There is a distinct back to school vibe already and waaah, I didn’t have a vacation. No matter, this photo quote expresses how I feel. For quote aficionados, this was photo quote was inspired by a Wall Street securities broker, Henry […]


Life Secrets: Trump, Pokemon Go and Stealing Joy

Life Secrets: Trump, Pokemon Go and Stealing Joy. Like millions of others, I watched the Republican Convention speeches with curiosity. Head-scratching curiosity filled with questions: how did we get to this juncture in history? What the hell is going to happen next? Why this, why now? Those questions about Trump are equally valid about Pokemon […]