Hello there,

A few words about this blog. I launched BoomerMuse, my first blog way back in 2008. You can read the fledgling posts in the archive. Blogging was the shiny new thing and I happily published every single day. No one spoke about creating content or algorithms. We blogged for fun. The online world was less noisy. We could blog hop and visit friends and make meaningful comments.

We had more time because there was NO Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat. Can you imagine? YouTube was in its infancy and Facebook hadn’t turned into a money grubbing monster yet.

In my innocence, I refused to even consider placing ads. Call me crazy but I still won’t. This was and remains the sacred space I share with you dear reader. Now every URL want to steamroller you with ads and clickbait. Does it drive you crazy as it does me?

In hindsight, had I monetized early on I’d be comfortably retired. They were halcyon days of glory and ignorance. I knew nothing about blogging, SEO, editing or such and yet a million visitors streamed yearly until the a disastrous migration to WordPress swallowed my dream whole. I lost fucking 6 years, of content. Talk about a slap to my ego and lesson in non-attachment.

I crawled out my woe is me phase but I never recovered. By then the entire digital landscape had changed and it was harder to  make it as a blogger. I turned my attention to my more successful blog Cat Wisdom 101 and abandoned my blog baby for three years. Poor thing. I wondered if I could resuscitate the beast but here we are.

Your guess is as good as mine what will happen next but I have learned a thing or three about blogging and life.

Lucky you! Especially if you subscribe.