New Moon in Scorpio: Time to Uncover Your Hidden Power

 New Moon in Scorpio: Time to Uncover Your Hidden Power by Layla Morgan Wilde

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Every new moon is a time of new beginnings, when we can set our intentions for the month ahead, but some are more important. Like turn your life around. Make meaningful changes that stick. The new moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023, is a particularly powerful one, as it invites us to dive deep into our emotions and uncover our hidden truth and power.


Scorpio is a water sign that rules the eighth house of transformation, death, and rebirth. Scorpio is also associated with intensity, passion, and mystery. Scorpio helps us to explore our subconscious, our desires, and our fears. Scorpio also teaches us about the power of intimacy, trust, and vulnerability.


Get ready to embrace our inner Scorpio and face our shadows. We may feel a strong urge to investigate, research, or reveal something that has been hidden or suppressed. We may also feel more emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. We may experience some intense or unexpected events that challenge us to transform and grow.

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The new moon in Scorpio is also conjunct Mars, the planet of action, courage, and aggression. This adds an extra boost of energy and motivation to pursue our goals and passions. However, it can also make us more impulsive, restless, or rebellious. We may need to be careful not to act on our impulses without thinking of the consequences.


The new moon in Scorpio is also opposite Uranus, the planet of change, innovation, and unpredictability. This creates a tension between the old and the new, the stable and the unstable, the familiar and the unfamiliar. We may feel a sudden urge to break free from something that has been holding us back or limiting us. We may also experience some surprises, shocks, or disruptions that force us to change our perspective or direction.


The new moon in Scorpio is a time to embrace the unknown and the mysterious. It is a time to let go of what no longer serves us and make room for what does. It is a time to transform ourselves and our lives. It is a time to uncover our hidden truths and live authentically.


Here are some tips on how to make the most of the new moon in Scorpio:

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– Set your intentions for the month ahead. What do you want to transform, heal, or release? What do you want to attract, create, or manifest? Write them down and visualize them as if they have already happened.

– Do some shadow work. Shadow work is the process of exploring and integrating the aspects of ourselves that we have denied, rejected, or projected onto others. These can be our fears, insecurities, traumas, or negative patterns. By acknowledging and accepting our shadows, we can heal them and reclaim our power. You can do shadow work by journaling, meditating, doing therapy, or working with a trusted friend or mentor.

– Practice self-care. The new moon in Scorpio can be emotionally intense and draining, so make sure to take care of yourself. Do something that makes you feel good, such as taking a bath, reading a book, listening to music, or spending time in nature. You can also use crystals, aromatherapy, or affirmations to enhance your mood and energy. It’s up to you to decide what is helpful you time.

– Be open to change. The new moon in Scorpio can bring some unexpected twists and turns, so be flexible and adaptable. Don’t resist or fear the changes, but embrace them as opportunities for growth and learning. Trust that the universe has your best interest at heart and that everything is happening for a reason.

– Connect with others. The new moon in Scorpio can also deepen our bonds with others, especially those who share our values and vision. Reach out to your friends, family, or community and express your gratitude, love, and support. You can also join a group, club, or organization that aligns with your goals and passions. You may meet some new and interesting people who can help you along your journey.


The new moon in Scorpio is a time to transform your life from the inside out. By uncovering your hidden truths, you can unleash your potential and live your purpose. Happy new moon!



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 New Moon in Scorpio short tips for each zodiac sign (sun sign or rising sign). 


– Aries: You may feel a strong urge to break free from a relationship or situation that no longer serves you. Be honest with yourself and others about what you want and need. Don’t be afraid to take action and pursue your passions.

– Taurus: You may experience some changes in your work or health that require you to adapt and adjust. Be flexible and open-minded, and don’t resist the opportunities for growth and improvement. Focus on your goals and priorities, and don’t let distractions or temptations derail you.

– Gemini: You may have a creative breakthrough or a romantic spark that inspires you to express yourself in new ways. Be adventurous and playful, and don’t be shy to share your ideas and feelings. You may also discover a new hobby or interest that enriches your life.

– Cancer: You may feel the need to make some changes in your home or family life that reflect your true self and values. Be courageous and assertive, and don’t let others’ opinions or expectations influence you. You may also find some hidden secrets or treasures that surprise you.

– Leo: You may have some important conversations or interactions that challenge you to think and communicate differently. Be curious and inquisitive, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek the truth. You may also learn something new or exciting that expands your horizons.

– Virgo: You may have some opportunities or challenges related to your finances or resources that test your skills and abilities. Be resourceful and practical, and don’t be afraid to negotiate and bargain. You may also find some new ways to earn or save money that benefit you.

– Libra: You may have a personal transformation or awakening that changes your identity or appearance. Be confident and authentic, and don’t be afraid to show the world who you really are. You may also attract some new people or situations that match your vibration and vision.

– Scorpio: It’s your season. Make the most of it. You may have a spiritual or emotional revelation or healing that changes your perspective or direction. Be introspective and intuitive, and don’t be afraid to face your fears and shadows. You may also release some old baggage or patterns that free you from the past.

– Sagittarius: You may have some social or collective events or movements that inspire you to get involved and make a difference. Be altruistic and visionary, and don’t be afraid to join forces and collaborate with others. You may also find some new friends or allies that support your cause and goals.

– Capricorn: You may have some professional or public achievements or recognition that boost your status or reputation. Be ambitious and diligent, and don’t be afraid to take charge and lead the way. You may also find some new opportunities or challenges that advance your career or mission.

– Aquarius: You may have some adventurous or educational experiences or journeys that broaden your mind and worldview. Be innovative and original, and don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with new things. You may also find some new insights or wisdom that enlighten you and others.

– Pisces: You may have some intense or intimate encounters or exchanges that deepen your bonds and connections. Be compassionate and empathetic, and don’t be afraid to trust and share with others. You may also find some new resources or gifts that empower you and others.