Don’t Feed Your Inner Grinch

The holiday spirit was being siphoned off by my inner Grinch. Not that there is anything wrong with being a Grinch. It beat smiling a phony ho, ho, ho and isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year? I have a better idea. Don’t feed the Grinch. Follow the photo quote instead. There will be hundreds of opportunities do this, maybe even on one day. There will be cranky servers, rude sales persons, creepy strangers, crying brats, meddling relatives, tiresome spouses, need I go on?
Peace quote-lily pond

2 thoughts on “Don’t Feed Your Inner Grinch”

  1. OMG, I LOVE this quote! Would you mind if I printed the photo out and posted it up a work, sent it to a coworker? I understand if not.

    The trouble with forgiveness is that it can’t be forced. It can come in a moment of grace, IMO, as I’ve experienced in my own life, but you just can’t make it happen before you’re ready.

    I think my problem was that coming from a Christian tradition growing up,, “forgiveness” for me meant being filled with Christ-like love for the individual. I struggled for decades with that concept until I watched one PBS special about 9 years ago on the topic, during one of their fundraisers. The speaker said forgiveness didn’t mean that you had to like or trust the person ever again, and I had one of those rare “aha” moments. It was the culmination of a deeper understanding of my dad (big issue there) and I was able to “forgive” him and let go.

    I’m not even sure “forgiveness” is the right word, though we use it. It strikes me more as acceptance and letting go. Accepting what happened, what is, and letting go. I suppose that IS forgiveness, but for those of us who, by nature, hold onto hurts (wish I didn’t), it can take so, so long.

    Now, if I were a typical guy (with apologies–this is something we females were joking about at work), I would come with a built-in “reset” button and would be able to let everything wash over me, like water off a duck’s back. Ha.



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