It’s Blooming Hanami Monday






Bloom cherry blossoms


It’s cherry blossom time or as the Japanese celebration of Hanami. Finally! This was the scene near me yesterday.  They were late this year and every day I impatiently checked the stubborn tight buds. Bloom already! Bloom. And overnight (it’s always overnight) they did.  Not because I asked but because they can.  If you’re in a wait zone in your life; waiting for a better job, a nicer whatever, you can wait or you can bloom wherever you happen to be right now.


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6 thoughts on “It’s Blooming Hanami Monday”

  1. Beautiful blooms…..and I agree with the “bloom NOW” concept as we never know how many more days we will have to bloom so why wait?!


    1. I hope so! A little wilted after WordPress issues though…

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