What Would Joan Rivers Say #MBFW


Fashion Week lost its fizz when Joan Rivers sadly passed on Thursday. I wondered what Joan would say about fashion week this year. Her funeral is today and I sorely miss her fearless wit and fashion sense.  We’ve lost a trailblazer and icon. She of course made a career of lambasting fashion as the host of Fashion Police. I could imagine her making up a quote like ours about bicycles today. Fashion can be frivolous individually but powerful in the big picture as an economic force. The multi-billion dollar industry provides employment in many far-reaching levels. But today work is on hold for many as we mourn a legend.  No doubt some of the biggest fashion and entertainment icons will be show up at what is reported to be a red carpet event at Joan’s private funeral at the Temple Emanu-El.  I can hear her jokes about everyone’s outfits already. It was her greatest wish to make people laugh and we will again soon.

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4 thoughts on “What Would Joan Rivers Say #MBFW”

  1. Love this. Joan was my favorite.

    She was the second to break through the ranks of female comedian, after Phyllis Diller — and the first to be able to do so looking and acting like a woman — unlike Diller, who had to go to great lengths to make it — with her purple hair and that ”cackle.”

    1. Mine too. Truly an original. She paved the way for many women and not just in comedy.

  2. Yes, it’s a sad day, she will be missed.

    on another note, I’m glad these are coming thru to me now. all emails i
    sent yesterday were returned to me.

    1. I fixed the newsletter. Thanks for following up. Did you check your bulk file. Can you pls. cut and paste an example on Fb so I can troubleshoot?

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