Labor Day September Gold & Fireworks


Happy Labor Day and welcome to September. Mother Nature pays no attention to man-made holidays. It’s hothouse, frizzy-haired humid with scant clues autumn lurking. The longer cooler nights are ideal for sleeping, the A/C is turned off which we barely used this summer. The crunch of the first dried leaves are dotting the lawn. In a jarringly false note, fireworks are booming and lighting up  the sky as I write this. Is this a new tradition nobody told me about? The sound is more mortar fire than celebratory. My cats at Cat Wisdom 101 are not amused. The Garden Muse remains stoic. Like it or not, there is insightful gold to be mined this September. Don’t count on finding it in the ground. It could be in the sky or anywhere in between.

Labor day fireworks


8 thoughts on “Labor Day September Gold & Fireworks”

  1. I’m glad we didn’t have fireworks here.

    It’s frizzy-haired humid in our area as well, with the heat supposed to continue all week. I don’t mind too much, I’d like to stave off winter for as long as possible. Can’t believe it’s September already. I feel like I’m standing still and the entire world is spinning around me wildly, seasons passing in blur.

    1. There’s disbelief here too and I understand the spinning blur of seasons. Didn’t someone say our perception of time speeds up as we get older?

  2. I’ll keep looking for the gold, even though with health and family issues I feel like saying
    Goodbye Cruel World, but then
    what would happen to my kitties.
    They’re my lifeblood,I swear, their so loyal.

    1. The kitties are your gold. I’m sorry to hear it’s been a challenging summer. A change in season can change anything.

      1. Thank you,you’re right about my kitties being my gold.
        I love fall, when the humidity drops, maybe the Fibro will let up. This pain has been most horrible.

        1. Sorry to hear. Humidity makes everything swell but I prefer heat to cold for aches and pains. Winter is worse for my fibro-type symptoms.

  3. So GLAD you are back on the ‘blog circuit’ on a regular basis again…I missed your wit and wisdom 🙂 We are having warmer weather now than we did all summer!! It is still not what you would call hot, but Labour Day was warm with a nice breeze. We should enjoy the nice weather this autumn because all reports agree that we are in for another ‘old fashioned winter’ this year.

    1. Terri, glad to be back. I’ll be glad once I get into a regular groove.

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