Three Things Kindness Can Do For You

Kindness does many things; here’s three. No quote resonated today until a friend from California called me and she told me how much she likes the 21-day meditation program from Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I asked her to forward the link and it opened on Day 11-Kindness.  At the end  of the email was the quote from Lao Tzu on kindness which sparked today photo quote. It takes so little to be kind. What meant the most to me was the follow through. She said she’d forward the link and she did.

I’ve noticed with a mad pace, promises are not what they used to be.  Deals were made on a hand shake. Words carried weight. How many times do we say we’ll call someone, do something and drop the ball? We’re busy. Distracted. Overloaded. We forget our promise. It’s usually so small it goes unnoticed. But when someone remembers a small kindness, doesn’t it feel big?

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2 thoughts on “Three Things Kindness Can Do For You”

  1. The meditations by Deepak and Oprah are really wonderful. They do them about twice a year. I have been doing them for a little while now and find them very grounding. I think it is a great kindness that they put 21 days of meditation ‘out there’ without any cost. They are living the truth and kindness that they ‘preach’.

    1. That’s great to hear. I feel when someone is worth billions, there is a karmic necessity to give back on a larger scale.

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