New Year Witches 2018 Manifesting Magic Manifesto

New Year Witches 2018 Manifesting Magic Manifesto by Layla Morgan Wilde

The power of three is three times the charm. There is nothing airy fairy unicorn sparkly about this post.  When magic happens, you can see it and feel it. It’s real. You can bank on it like the red or black of your bank account. If these words resonate, let them do their magic by saying yes. Yes, with full intention and super full moon power beaming down on all of us who are ready.  You may use this mini-manifesto or write your own. Hand writing words and symbols on paper hold a tangible magic of their own but virtual or digital words work fine. Have fun playing with time.  You can also write down your intentions for your future self.  After all, there is no time but the present.


Did you hear that witches are the new feminists? It’s old news like 1918 when Canadian, British and other European women got the right to vote. American women won’t celebrate the vote centenary until 2020. What a suffrage timeline.

The politics of woman and power is as polarizing and confusing as ever. I would not want to be a young woman today served a digital menu of witchy fare disguised as empowerment. There was a time not too long ago I stayed snug inside my Wiccan broom closet thinking witchcraft was so passe or antiquated. I honestly thought I’d heard the last of “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” Witchcraft in our mainstream lexicon is back stirring up a cauldron of good and evil, where as a Wiccan witch I followed rules to do no harm. There was never  question of good or evil. All the headway we made is gone.  Strangers will once again ask me that ill-informed question or worse.

Now we have pop quizzes on “What kind of witch are you?” with regurgitated, trivialized truths and half-truths swirling in a world of fake news. The person (witch/guru/shaman) who gets the most Instagram likes wins. At least temporarily or until the glowing fan/friend/acolyte discovers problem they get blamed for or they want to go deeper and realize it’s all smoke and mirrors and algorithms. A young seeker or any seeker for that matter deserves the truth

Is all this witchery-coated in hipster tattooed, black on black a shocking pink fashion. A now age fad? God/Goddess, I hope not. But it’s not for everyone, just as the equally on trend spiritual soul sister, shamanism, is not for everyone.  I mean to actually function skillfully as a shaman is rare and a difficult path of service. The tang of exclusivity appeals to the “I’m so special, there’s a shortcut app for that and besides didn’t my parents say I could do anything? Right. except this is one gig you can’t choose. It chooses you and no, the “signs you are shaman” quizzes are bogus. If you’re a shaman, you know it and don’t need to take a quiz.

The exotic power trip of witches or tripping on ayahuasca in the Amazon  It’s the biggest example of “A little power is a dangerous thing”. Drink up, drink deep my lovelies but there is no need to drink literally.

There are plenty of real witches and if someone young and curious is searching, hello, ask me. I’ve been a witch longer than most millennials have been in diapers. Ditto my shamanistic roots. It’s hard work. It’s fucking long and difficult. Years and decades long to arrive at a point of still knowing nothing. Maybe a crumb of wisdom.  We all learn in our own time but certainly not over night at a weekend workshop, retreat, online witchy woo woo school.  It almost makes me feel like teaching again. If the crown fits, wear it? And the cuteness, the dumbing down of my photo quotes still have power. Bees are tiny but if one stings you on the butt, you’ll think tiny but mighty.

Happy New Year! It’s the year I’ve been waiting a very long time for. Bring it on, but gently.