Chinese New Year Good Fortune Without The Cookie

Chinese New Year Good Fortune without the cookie. Yes, no calories either.

If you feel the new year hasn’t quite kicked it yet, wait until tomorrow. The Chinese New Year begins tomorrow with a new moon, the auspicious time for new beginnings. It’s a 15-day celebration and will kick start any sluggish January beginnings. I blogged about it today at CatWisdom101

If your house is a mess, it’s too late to clean. Please do NO cleaning for the first three days of the New Year festival or risk sweeping away good fortune. If you’re reading this today, Jan.27, sweep, straighten up, take out garbage and create an small altar of fresh fruit, sweets and flowers. If you normally do any rituals or have a spiritual practice, set out your intentions for what you’d like to release and what you’d like to attract.

The Boomer Muse has languished as a blog but found new life on Instagram.

There is my cat-centric account @CatWisdom101 and more recently @BlackCatsofIG but I was sorely missing doing non-cat photo quotes so I launched @BoomerMuse. Most share a photo, a short description and some hashtags but mine are turning into blog posts. They aren’t edited and I like the freedom of dashing them off without worrying who sees them. All my Instagram posts end up automatically posting to Facebook and Twitter so I’m spending less time on Facebook which frankly since the election is more stressful than fun.

What might make logical sense, and I welcome your input, is to cut and paste some of my Instagram posts here. I can’t say what or when since every day seems to bring another emergency or reason to procrastinate completing my book. There is progress but glacial at best.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to on Instagram even if you don’t wish to follow or join, check out the sidebar for the latest thumbnails.

I’m surprised what a loving and supportive community of cat lovers and spiritual seekers are on Instagram. It’s been a welcome balm and oasis of kindred spirits.

I hope to see you there, here or anywhere ¬†when the moment feels right. I wish you the best possible year in the year of the Rooster. It’ll be better for some signs than others. Find out how to make the most of 2017 at the oldest and biggest Chinese Astrology and good fortune almanac I know.

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