Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable

Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable and neither does Mother Nature. Last week I dashed over to see the cherry blossoms at dusk. I’d already photographed them earlier on blue sky day The park is only 5 minutes from my house and something told me to go. I knew I wouldn’t have time to go […]


Moment of Zen:Press The Pause Button Now

    The eternal pause button is in the now.  Is old news new when it’s a classic? My old/new recycled posts got a spit and polish with the magic of photo editing and voila, a new spin on a classic subject. The only thing that’s changed since I first posted since three years ago […]

autumn-quote-time-leaf Zen

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen With Sprezzatura

How To Prepare For Autumn Zen is not a to-do list but a to-be state of mind. No instructions. No rules. Just a little autumn Haiku and sprezzatura. This image is a departure for me but its simplicity speaks volumes or not. I’ve been struggling with simplicity lately in my creative work. My mind wants […]

Bloom cherry blossoms

It’s Blooming Hanami Monday

            It’s cherry blossom time or as the Japanese celebration of Hanami. Finally! This was the scene near me yesterday.  They were late this year and every day I impatiently checked the stubborn tight buds. Bloom already! Bloom. And overnight (it’s always overnight) they did.  Not because I asked but […]


The Past is Never Dead

One of the reasons I love old crumbling artifacts and architecture, worn stones and yellowed pages, is they remind me that the past is never dead, as the Faulkner quote goes. Even when they’re dead, they aren’t past but continue to haunt. Old memories resurface. Archaeologists dig up something new. Forgotten treasures are lost and […]


Nothing Scarier Than This On Halloween

Nothing is scarier than our imagination. But one scary thought is not having enough time to blog here more often. Cat Wisdom 101 is my prime focus. Over the past three months I’ve done four photo shoots at one of the most naturally spooky locations. I have dozens of eerie and evocative photos I’d intended […]

death doorway quote

Death as a Doorway: RIP Lorie Huston

About a month ago, I started scribbling notes for my doors and window series all about the beauty of crumbling beauty and decay. At the same time I’d done a Q & A with a friend at my other blog Cat Wisdom 101 and then thought nothing further. I’d looked forward to seeing her at a […]


Welcome To Your Secret Garden

I promised something magical yesterday and I’m delivering. How magical? It’s up to you. There are always two sides to every story and in this case, garden. Ready? This is a very real place but we all have a magical, secret garden inside. It can be an oasis, a peaceful place, a refuge from the […]


Soul Shooting Selfies in Black and White Photography

While on a blog hiatus from Boomer Muse this summer, I  wasn’t exactly shooting the breeze or twiddling my thumbs,  I blogged most days at Cat Wisdom 101 and took photographs. Yes, there are always lots of kitty pics but I found a subject even more  alluring. Despite a crazy schedule I found time to […]