Nothing Scarier Than This On Halloween

Nothing is scarier than our imagination. But one scary thought is not having enough time to blog here more often. Cat Wisdom 101 is my prime focus.

Over the past three months I’ve done four photo shoots at one of the most naturally spooky locations. I have dozens of eerie and evocative photos I’d intended to post before Halloween but other work killed it. Best laid plans and all that. However I do have one. It’s a gate leading to no where and the photo editing effects are minimal. Have a blessed Samhain and happy Halloween.

halloween-alden manor-scary quote

2 thoughts on “Nothing Scarier Than This On Halloween”

  1. oh yes, we are our own scariest enemies.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    I am still not getting the notices often. Nearly not at all.

    When I get notices of this and Cat Wisdom I comment, so that’s not often.

    Who can know the reasons the Internet decides to do what it does? Not me.. .;)

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