The Secret Wisdom of Bees and Social Media

This one bee sucking the life out of a rose inspired today’s photo quote for The Secret Wisdom of Bees and Social Media. Bees usually hopscotch from flower to flower and land if there’s there enough pollen to make it worth their while. They don’t stay long and their journey appears more superficial than deep. It’s how I view social media these days. We buzz  and bounce around landing on a page for a few seconds and if nothing attracts us,  we’re gone to the next flower. It’s called a bounce rate.

But what if you’re missing  the nectar honeypot of content by being too hasty? Hopefully a good image can draw us in. The next time that happens, give it a few more seconds and read, okay scan (does anyone actually read a whole post anymore?) You just might get an idea, an insight to help you with a problem you’re trying to solve. So, are you a bee flitting from flower to flower or like this super bee, diving deep down, head first into the Mother lode of wisdom?

Bee-garden-quotes-hartsbrook park
Drink the nectar of life and make honey or money or whatever you like.

2 thoughts on “The Secret Wisdom of Bees and Social Media”

  1. Great analogy Layla! You are right in that social media sites are like a garden, our accounts/pages are like flowers and people are the bees that buzz from one flower to another rather quickly, rarely staying long. I believe it is because we have SO MANY flowers to partake of/visit. I never get to visit every flower I know is tasty.
    It is great advice indeed though, and I do practice it whenever I can. 🙂
    Pixel & Jenny

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