Social Media Success Secrets

Read on for social media success secrets and the truth behind one famous quote. There is a distinct back to school vibe already and waaah, I didn’t have a vacation. No matter, this photo quote expresses how I feel. For quote aficionados, this was photo quote was inspired by a Wall Street securities broker, Henry […]


Make Every Day Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s a man-made holiday since the Earth, our dear planet, Gaia would say, Make Every Day Earth Day. Every day, something natural and wondrous happens. I notice the tiny things, the shifts in the life cycles of growth, decay, dormancy and rebirth over and over in a cosmic version of re-cycling. […]


Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable

Inspiration and Cherry Blossoms Have No Timetable and neither does Mother Nature. Last week I dashed over to see the cherry blossoms at dusk. I’d already photographed them earlier on blue sky day The park is only 5 minutes from my house and something told me to go. I knew I wouldn’t have time to go […]


Spring Equinox:The Real Easter and No Dance With The Devil

 March 20 is the first day of spring but did you know the it’s also the pagan holiday of Eostre or Ostara and the real Easter? Ostara is the Anglo-Saxon goddess named for east or dawn. Pagans, an agrarian culture celebrated the growing light and longer days with the hope of a long and fruitful growing season. Good […]


2016 Manifesto For An Inspiring New Year

If 2015 proved challenging, I hope this 2016 manifesto I created with classic words of wisdom leads to an inspiring new year. It was a tough up and down year for me and many of my friends. Every time I felt sorry for myself, I’d be reminded of someone worse off. It didn’t take much. […]

Tree hugging quote

Hugging Trees Proven To Help Stress

It’s nice when science catches up to what humans have known since the dawn of time. Hugging trees is now scientifically proven to improve health, lower stress and anxiety according to a new study. And it’s not only trees but all plants have healing benefits. In Blinded by Science the chapter on plants is a […]

sundial quote-poem mark ford

A Poem For Every Blogger Having A Bad Day

Last year I tore a tiny strip from the New York Times and taped it to my desktop. I meant to blog about it, the snippet of a poem by British poet Mark Ford but instead it stayed as a blogger mantra until now. All bloggers have bad days or bored, inspiration doldrums but unlike […]


From Imbolc, Candlemas to Groundhog Day

Here we go again. Groundhog Day like most holidays has pagan roots. It the old days badgers were used as weather prognosticators while celebrating Imbolc, the pagan Celtic holiday marking the midway point between the winter and spring solstices. The goddess of fire, healing, fertility,  Brigid got Christianized as St. Brigid and Candlemas become the […]

French gratitude quote

The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude

Leave it to the French to come up with The Most Elegant Quote About Gratitude. But it’s somehow so perfect unlike the unruly vines outside my dressing room window. They’re wisteria that wended their way up the porch to the second floor and boldly spread to the roof. It was an experiment in laziness or […]


Welcome To Your Secret Garden

I promised something magical yesterday and I’m delivering. How magical? It’s up to you. There are always two sides to every story and in this case, garden. Ready? This is a very real place but we all have a magical, secret garden inside. It can be an oasis, a peaceful place, a refuge from the […]