Make Every Day Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s a man-made holiday since the Earth, our dear planet, Gaia would say, Make Every Day Earth Day.

Every day, something natural and wondrous happens. I notice the tiny things, the shifts in the life cycles of growth, decay, dormancy and rebirth over and over in a cosmic version of re-cycling. On  Facebook, there is a new feature, where they spit out in a Russian roulette fashion an old photo from the same date in previous years. It’s seemingly random but what a gift for gaining prespective. What surprised me yesterday was seeing this old pic posted in 2012, in the previous incarnation of this blog. Most of our content vanishes during a migration two years ago so see this old tree again pop up was better than a field of tulips.

The tree, gnarled and hollowed looks half dead but it has more life and magic than any new sapling.  This tree spread its roots before the revolutionary war and it’s bark has endured  battles and wounds of untold merciless seasons.  It’s hollow has no doubt offered shelter to generations of wildlife critters and perhaps unseen faery folk. There are strong beliefs in fairies in Ireland and Iceland where elves and fairies are a big deal and why not? There are many unseen forces without scientific explanation, yet.

This hollowed out tree reminds me of a tree I use as a portal in the shamanic practice of journeying the upper, middle or lower worlds.

The tree or portal of any kind acts as the conduits between the worlds. If this sound fairytaleish, it has a solid literary past including Alice in Wonderland. This beautiful passage explains her shamanic experience when she fall down the rabbit hole or portal.


Our message for Earth Day,wherever you live in the world and in whatever terrain, there is magic every day to be discovered for the asking, for free. You just have to put out the intention of what you want. Ask for serendipity, synchronicity or sync winks, those magic moments when the unexpected moments happen.  A feather floats down out from out nowhere.  An ant carries the equivalent of a Mack truck with grace and ease, a flower blooms early, a cloud takes the shape of an age. There are millions of manifestations of natural magic every day. You must observe and believe but those who don’t believe will never see it.

It’s there every day and as we begin to honor the Earth, it deepens how we honor ourselves. When we love ourselves, we love our planet and when we love and respect our Earth every day we love ourselves more fully.

Happy Earth Day!

Take a moment to do something good to Her. Recycle anything old you no longer need, plant a tree or garden, hug and tree or at least go out in a nature, do a 360 spin in every direction and give thanks for sustaining you another year.

Spread the good vibes