Magical Summer Solstice Altar In 6 Steps

  How to create a magical summer solstice altar in 6 easy steps by Layla Morgan Wilde

Creating a summer solstice altar is a beautiful way to honor the energy of the season and set intentions for the months ahead. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your own summer solstice altar:


Step 1: Select a Sacred Space

Choose a location for your altar that feels special and meaningful to you. It could be a table, a shelf, or any other surface that can hold your altar items. If you have outdoor space, it can be a large rock, tree stump or a quiet spot under your favorite tree.Consider placing your altar in a space where you can easily engage with it and spend time in reflection.

Step 2: Choose a Color Scheme

Select colors that represent the summer season for your altar. Bright and warm colors like yellow, orange, red, and gold are often associated with the fiery energy of the sun and the summer solstice. Use these colors as a guiding theme when selecting altar decorations. Since everything is bursting lush and green in my garden, I will use different shades of green.

Step 3: Gather Symbolic Items

Collect items that hold significance for the summer solstice. This is highly subjective and my rule is no rules. I’ve collected sacred items for many years either purchased, gifted or found in nature. I love using or re-purposing items from around the house. There are wonderful bargains in thrift shops too.


basic altar

Traditionally all elements: air, fire, water and earth are represented. For instance incense for air, candles for fire, a bowl of water and a pine cone or rock for Earth. Some common symbols include:

  • Solar symbols: Represent the power and energy of the sun. This can include images or representations of the sun, sunflowers, or golden candles.
  • Natural elements: Incorporate flowers, herbs, and plants that are abundant during the summer season. Choose blooms that resonate with the solstice, such as sunflowers, daisies, or lavender.
  • Crystals and gemstones: Select stones that embody the vibrant energy of summer, such as citrine, carnelian, or sunstone.
  • Ritual tools: Include any tools that you typically use during your spiritual practices, such as a wand, athame, or tarot cards.

Sacred objects: Add personal items that hold special meaning for you, such as shells, feathers, or meaningful jewelry.

Here’s an example of a beachy-themed altar in progress. There is sand on a large glass plate sitting on a nautical themed silk scarf. There are crystals and stones I’ve found. I might place a stick of incense in the sand, a votive candle in the center and a small seashell fill with water.

crystal grid

Step 4: Arrange Your Altar

Channel your inner Martha Stewart (just kidding). Now that you have gathered your items, arrange them on your altar in a way that feels visually pleasing and energetically aligned. Consider the balance and placement of each item. Relax and follow your intuition. You may want to have a central focal point, such as a prominent candle or symbol of the sun, and build around it with the other elements. Again this is very personal and it should be pleasing to you.

Step 5: Set Intentions

Take a moment to connect with the energy of the summer solstice and set your intentions for the season. Reflect on what you wish to manifest, release, or invite into your life. You can write your intentions on a piece of paper and place it on your altar, burn it or simply hold them in your heart and mind during this time.

Step 6: Maintenance and Engagement

Regularly tend to your altar by dusting and rearranging items as needed. Engage with your altar through meditation, ritual, or simply spending quiet time in its presence. Use the altar as a focal point for connecting with the energy of the summer solstice and nurturing your spiritual practice. Towards the end of summer, decide when to dismantle before getting ready for the Fall Equinox.

For temporary altars, adding food like blueberries and strawberries are vibrant and festive. If placed outdoors, they make nice treats for birds or other wildlife.

stones and strawberries

Remember, your altar is a personal space, so feel free to adapt these steps to align with your own beliefs and preferences. Let your intuition guide you as you create an altar that serves as a sacred space for honoring the summer solstice and your own spiritual journey.

Have a happy, sunny and abundant summer!

xo, Layla

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