Why 2017 is Going to Be Better #2016bestofnine

Why 2017 is Going to Be Better and our #2016bestofnine. It comes down to numbers. In numerology, 2016 resonated to a #9 year (add up the single digits of the year). It’s the end of a nine year cycle and the time when we’re itching to slough off the past and more than ready for something new. We need to let go of past. Be like a tree. Let the dead leaves drop. NOW. Don’t bring any baggage, junk, stuff that doesn’t serve you (physically or metaphorically) into the new year because

The good news is 2017 is a #1 year.

It’s the beginning of a brand new nine year cycle. A clean slate where any seeds we plant will grow. We have the choice individually to decide WHAT we want to manifest collectively. We are inter-connected. WHATEVER we focus on will grow.

  1. Focus on fear and anxiety, you’ll get more fear and anxiety.
  2. Focus on helping others, you’ll help others.
  3. Focus on love and peace, you’ll have more love and peace.

You get the picture. You know what to do.

We recently launched a new BoomerMuse account on Instagram. It’s one of the reason’s I’m blogging less. They are my original photo quotes and while we’re a tiny drop in the vast Instagram ocean, I’m proud of the work. If you compare it to other motivational photo quote accounts with high 6 figures, it’s just as good. Now, if more eyeballs would see it, they might agree.

My goal is to become more VISIBLE in 2017. If the Universe has other plans for me, I’m happy to disappear if need be. All I know is 2017 will be the tipping point one way or another.

At the end of the year Instagram calculates your best nine posts #2016bestofnine and I’m delighted to share my most liked posts out of the 70 posted so far. It’s interesting to see a mix of different colors and circular theme which is by design. This is a screenshot so the quality isn’t great but you can see the originals and follow, like and all that jazz on Instagram BoomerMuse

This is such a great example of how you the reader has ALL the power. I post stuff that I might love but the reader, YOU decide what you like. If I had to pick my best nine, I would not have picked those nine. And that’s okay. I’m here to serve your best interest, to give you more of what you like. Feel free to like any other pics not selected and leave a comment.

Thank you for stopping by today and any other day in the past or future.  Let’s join our collective positivity to make 2017 truly magical!