7 Free Life Lessons

As 2016 and a new year looms, I’d like to thank our readers with a gift today of 7 life lessons graphic. In terms of blogging, it’s been a year of more quality, less quantity ( I hope). I appreciate everyone who stopped by however briefly.

What 2016 will bring is anyone’s guess but I created a tongue-in-cheek graphic of 7 life lessons but the gifts are free or optional.

The big lesson I’ve I learned is just because something is free, it isn’t always valued. The more rare and expensive, the more coveted or does that only apply in the material world? ┬áIf you were sitting on the biggest gift but couldn’t see it, would it still be there? I’ve made this graphic extra small and a little blurry like a jewel you need to examine under a jeweler’s loop, to enlarge to see every facet. Zoom in to find the hidden gift for you.


7_life_lessons_graphicThe other biggie: lessons and gifts go hand in hand. If you learn a lesson, the gift is automatic. The most ironic takeaway is most people aren’t willing to do the work, no matter how enticing the gift. Lessons are work or they’d be called something else. So here are seven lesson and gifts not served on a silver platter but hopefully pretty enough to resonate.