The Beauty of Wisdom

The beauty of wisdom is quixotic at times. You can quote me on that.

What’s not wise is creating content at my Boomer Muse Instagram account and not sharing here or vice versa. I’m posting most days there with deliberate intent. The grid of squares looks like a box of chocolates with some round, some square but all designed to flow together as one scrolls down. You can see the tiny snapshots in the sidebar. It’s very satisfying in a meta form of creation but disastrous in terms of blogging. How can anyone see something if they don’t know it exists?

I’m sharing some of my photo quotes to Facebook and Twitter but before I begin to share here, this is a new one and NOT square. It’s a favorite photo quote theme on wisdom vs book learning. It’s especially true about any instructional book from cook books, DIY or any “how to” book. There is an innate wisdom born of experience. The wise inner guru who knows baking a souffle on a humid day spells pancake. Sure, the recipe could come with a warning to heed but why spoil a teachable moment? The experience of failure and studying what and why it failed is more valuable than an easy success.

If wisdom is the reward of experience, books play an important role but only once we take action. Maybe we can beat those eggs longer next time or less. It’s like learning what some old recipes call a pinch of salt. There is only one way to know what is too little or too much. And the size of the pinch can change based on the other ingredients. While I’m not a food blogger, I’m a very experienced and intuitive cook. I know how to cook and bake without recipes from memory and a pinch of wisdom.

If there is book that inspired you to action, I’d love to know. Tell me in a comment.

beauty of wisdom