A Blast From The Past: Zen and Now

If necessity is the mother of invention, then I hit the mother-lode. While scrolling through our crazy massive archives I found screenshots of old blog posts. These are the lost orphans that disappeared during the WordPress which shall not be named. While I don’t have all 2000 posts, there are quite a few. The image with a quote and a bit of text (I’m not including the whole post) are suddenly a new art form. They can be Pinned in their entirety which is a cool way to re-cycle. I’m including two today and will add more staying with the same month but different years.  It’s funny how what we love changes or stays the same.  I caught this little boy running as little boys and girls do for no reason.  It’s a natural expression of their happy energy but if adults do it for no reason ( like  sports) it’s looked on with suspicion.  Are they crazy or in danger?  Did they commit a crime? Can you remember the last time you spontaneously got up and ran for no reason except it felt good? I see my cats run in a sudden burst of joy in the garden and sometimes I do too. Luckily most of the property is private and our neighbors  accept our creative idiosyncrasies.

 But to run in public is another matter and maybe worth asking: why can’t normal, healthy adults act like kids without being judged?
saying good-bye to summer 2012

Now for the polar opposite. I did a series of Zen Tea Tuesdays featuring vintage teapots from my collection with Zen quotes and poems. I can’t remember how many I wrote but it must have been dozens. It timely to pop a few of them out again.  Timeless too. A relaxed mind is a creative mind: then, now and forever.



vintage Japanese teapot zen 2012