Acupuncture and Iyengar Yoga Connect Body Mind Spirit.

One of the things I like about seeing an acupuncturist is being forced to nap during the session. It’s instant permission to stay still and go within. The needles are very fine and rarely hurt but you have to be careful not move around and bump them. Of course I couldn’t resist looking and documenting a couple of sharpies on my hand. When inserted correctly in an acupuncture point, it opens the energy in whatever meridian or pathways. Illness and pain occurs when these points are blocked or stagnant. The needles allow chi or energy to flow again naturally restoring health to body, mind, spirit.

While the needles are doing their thing, it’s recommended to do nothing. You can count sheep, meditate or snooze anything to give the restless mind a break.

Our inspiration quote today is from B.K.S Iyengar, the father of modern yoga who has gone to his big sleep at the age of 95. The Indian guru brought yoga to the West back in the thirties when it was considered exotic and novel.  He gradually attracted a worldwide following of his precise style of Hatha Yoga. He’s quoted as saying “I always tell people, ‘live happily and die majestically.’” He did just that after a brief hospitalization near his home in Pune, India on August 20.

Acupuncture needles-healing quote-inyengar