Boomer Muse Is Back

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Everything changes and transforms with time.

Layla Morgan Wilde-Boomer Muse- photo quote guru

Can you believe it? The Boomer Muse is back, finally! But don’t get too excited, there’s a boatload of tweaking to do so it’ll be awhile before I blog normally. Normally? Yeah right. My life hasn’t been normal since maybe a past life.  The good news is I like WordPress. The bad news is it’s complicated requiring brain synapses that fire correctly. Mine are on overload so bear with me as I take tiny, kitten steps forward. I promise pretty pictures and maybe even insights to make your brain go aha or duh?

And no, I haven’t colored my hair lavender but I just might in time for my birthday next week? Yes? No? Or color me crazy?

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3 thoughts on “Boomer Muse Is Back”

  1. Glad to see you back! I like the new look…..including the lavender hair 🙂

    1. Hey Terri, so glad to see you here! The lavender hair is the work in progress 😉

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