What Boomer Muse Learned After Six Years of Blogging

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Six years ago today, I entered the world of blogging, clueless. I innocently rolled out the welcome mat thinking ” if you build it , they will come”. My intention was pure and “they” did come with millions of views and yet by an odd twist of fate, I’m beginning almost from scratch. The biggest lesson I’ve learned about blogging over the years  is detachment of ego.  The  world doesn’t need another blog. I will never have a million Twitter followers.  There will always be someone more successful, bigger, smarter, more clever and God knows, funnier. Memories are short. If I’d chosen not to return after the migration and two month hiatus,  there would be  virtually no trace of my content. Maybe a handful of readers might notice and miss me but a year from now? Probably not and it’s okay. Do you remember  what book, TV show or blog you read Aug. 30 of last year? I don’t remember either.

The reason I’ve returned is the same reason I started blogging. Passion. Plain and simple. It’s the reason I created over 1750 posts with thousands of images. It’s the reason I slogged week after week, month after month without a break for years.  Sure it takes dedication, creativity and a touch of madness to keep going but at the core is passion. What fuels the passion is creative inspiration and interaction with readers. It’s you dear reader who is the oxygen to my flame.  Otherwise, I’d be content scribbling in a diary that no one would ever see. Learning new skills, honing my craft and gaining new insights into what makes me tick is motivating. Learning what makes other tick is fascinating. The twin sister to passion is curiosity.  I’m curious about everything and everyone. 

When I began this blog journey six years ago there was a new blog created every two seconds. Pretty daunting stats but guess what? Now there is a new blog created every half second but most bloggers will give up in the first few months.

Boomer Muse then and now.

This is part of the very first post. Images weren’t watermarked and needless to say things turned more sophisticated after my first year.

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Welcome. I mean it. Who else would roll out their own welcome mat for you? And yes, those are my tootsies.

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What will you find here? Humor wrapped inside an enigma of wisdom, pretty pictures (all mine) to make your heart sing, true happy/sad stories, inspirational quotes and a few surprises.

How often? Daily after noon EST. The official launch date is Saturday, August 30th at about 7:15 PM ET.
Don’t be shy about leaving comments either. Most blogs have few or zero comments. You decide. It feels good to say something, so please do. How else will I know you exist?
Thanks, and see you soon!

Aw,  how sweet. What interesting is I’ve maintained and delivered the core brand promise over the years.

As I head into my 7th year, I hope you’ll join me for the next adventure. The site will undergo creative changes. It’s on the plain side to focus on content. As I gradually add archival posts subscribers will get often get two email notifications for now. To get this baby up and running again I’m going to need your help. I can’t grow by myself. I’d love, love love you to subscribe to the blog and follow on social media. Sharing posts, images on Pinterest, whatever you like.

Thank-you and welcome!

Love, Layla

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16 thoughts on “What Boomer Muse Learned After Six Years of Blogging”

  1. As always, I enjoy seeing your post in my in-box. Somehow you always seem to remind me that growth is good, even when it seems absurdly painful. Thanks for planting seeds.

    1. Dorothy, this is so validating to hear. Yes, growth is good, otherwise we’re stagnating or worse :-0

  2. Layla, I think the biggest life lesson any of us can learn is detachment of ego. However, that seems well nigh impossible, as all IS ego when we’re in these bodies. How about awareness of ego instead? That’s doable. 🙂

    But all I really wanted to write was congratulations on the renewal of your personal blog. I’ll add it to Feedly, though can’t promise to comment regularly. I find my time and interest in most blogs waning now — cyber life really eats into “real” life and paying work time. I also find that the more connected the world is, the less I want to be part of it. Funny about that.



    1. Kim, I agree 100% with the push pull of the unconnected “connected” world. Glad you’re here and don’t worry about commenting.

  3. Congratulations on the blogaversary Layla……..and the new look……….and here’s to many more years of inspiration and joy.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Pam, thanks so much. The new look will be changing. It’s a little too plain for my taste.

  4. It’s sad that so much bloggers give up after some months. It needs a lot of time, yes, but it’s totally worth it. Happy Blogoversary to you!

  5. I really like your beautiful pictures and, of course, your wise and witty insights! And, I love your furry friends!Thank you, Layla!

  6. Yes, I thought about Boomer Muse every day! I actually do remember a year ago what I was reading snd watching, but I had very unusual life happening’ s to mark it in my mind.

    1. Thank-you so much for loyalty. Lots of good stuff ahead!

  7. Happy blogoversary, Layla. We love you, and always enjoy your musings. Thank you for being our friend, and for being YOU.

    1. Just saw this. Thank-you dears and for crossing over from the cat world 🙂

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