Easy 8.8. Lions Gate Manifestation Steps

♥Dear fellow seekers and kindred spirits,

It’s time for some easy 8.8. Lionsgate Manifestation and a meditation. I’ve also added some practical tips during this sacred and powerful time.

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From late July to August 12 celestial energies align, creating a potent portal known as the “Lionsgate.” This mystical window opens and peaks on August 8th (8/8).

The Lionsgate portal holds profound astrological and spiritual significance, providing a unique opportunity for personal growth, spiritual transformation, and mega manifestation.

Ignite your sacred fire during Leo season

Astrological Insights:
The Lionsgate portal is associated with the alignment of the star Sirius (the “Spiritual Sun”), Earth, and the Sun. During this period, Sirius rises with the Sun, gracing us with its luminous presence. Astrologically, Sirius is believed to be a source of higher wisdom and divine knowledge, a catalyst for spiritual awakening and soul evolution.

This celestial alignment in the sign of Leo enhances the energies of creativity, self-expression, and personal power. Leo, ruled by the Sun, symbolizes courage, leadership, and the heart’s radiant light. As the Lionsgate portal opens, it invites us to embrace our inner Lion or Lioness, embodying the qualities of courage, love, and creative fire.

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Spiritual Significance:
Spiritually, the Lionsgate portal acts as a gateway to higher dimensions, connecting us with the spiritual realms and our higher selves. It offers an opportunity to release old patterns, beliefs, and karmic imprints that no longer serve our growth. This transformative period urges us to step into our authentic power, align with our soul’s purpose, and radiate love and compassion.

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As the portal’s energies intensify, we may experience heightened intuition, vivid dreams, and synchronicities. This is a time to trust our inner guidance, listen to the whispers of our soul, and set clear intentions for personal and spiritual expansion.

Guided Meditation: Embracing the Lionsgate Energies

Sit in a comfortable position, grounding yourself by connecting with the Earth beneath you.

1. Breathe and Center: Take a few deep breaths, inhaling positivity, and exhaling any tension. Visualize a golden light surrounding you, protecting and guiding you throughout this meditation.
2. Activate Your Heart Center: Place your hands over your heart, feeling its gentle rhythm. Imagine a radiant, golden light expanding from your heart, filling your entire being with love and warmth.
3. Leo’s Inner Fire: Envision the majestic Lion or Lioness within you, embodying courage and creative fire. Feel their strength and passion igniting your soul, propelling you towards your true purpose.
4. Lionsgate Portal: Visualize a brilliant gateway of light before you, with the star Sirius shining brightly at its center. Know that this portal is a bridge to higher wisdom and spiritual transformation.
5. Release and Renew: With every inhale, visualize inhaling any old patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you. As you exhale, release them into the Lionsgate portal, allowing them to be transmuted into pure light.
6. Set Intentions: As the Lionsgate energies envelop you, set clear intentions for your personal and spiritual growth. Visualize your dreams and desires coming to fruition with the support of the Lionsgate’s powerful energies.
7. Gratitude: Express gratitude for the blessings you have received and the guidance you will receive during this portal. Trust that the universe supports your journey and has your highest good in mind.
8. Closing: Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Thank the energies of the Lionsgate portal for their presence and guidance.

Drink some water and if you feel like journaling, jot down any ideas, in fights or feelings.

May the Lionsgate portal illuminate your path, and may you step into the fullness of your divine light.

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  • Simple Shamanic Self-Care Tips: Caring for Your Sacred Being.

These are useful not only during the Lionsgate portal period but anytime you’re feeling the need to honor and nourish your soul.

1. Connect with Nature: Spend time among trees, feel the earth under your feet, and enjoy nature’s healing energy in a favorite spot near you.

2. Bathe in Moonlight: On moonlit nights, let the moon’s light cleanse and uplift your spirit.

3. Find Quiet Moments: Take time for quiet reflection and listen to your inner voice. That means unplugging from any distractions.

4. Ignite Your Inner Fire: Let your creativity flow and find inspiration within.

5. Honor Your Ancestors: Remember your heritage and seek wisdom from your ancestors.

6. Sip Herbal Teas: Enjoy soothing herbal teas to relax your body and mind.

7. Be Kind to Your Heart: Practice self-compassion and love yourself. You’re pretty darn wonderful ya know.

8. Sing Your Heart Out: Let your voice be free and sing from your soul.

9. Cleanse with Rituals: Use sage or palo santo to cleanse unwanted energies.

10. Embrace Change: See challenges as opportunities for growth and healing. If you don’t choose to change, that’s a choice too.

Remember, compassion and love are your guides on this self-care journey. Embrace these practices and let them heal and empower you.

Wishing you blessings on this sacred path,

Layla the triple Leo 🦁