What Your Future Self Craves

What Your Future Self Craves is the good you could do today. It could be altruistic or humanitarian but chances are you have that covered. What your future self is probably craving and hoping you do is self-care now.

Women give and keep giving from the time they get married, have their first child to taking care of an elderly parent in a never-ending loop. People pleasing is equated with goodness as if it’s a virtue. Hell no! It’s not virtuous to be an over-extended, exhausted shrew. There’s no award for Most Bedraggled. No honor in being Miss Doormat 2016.

Not sure you’re a people pleaser? Take this Are You a People Pleaser quiz and find out.

It’s at the most trying of times, when we say we have no time or that we’re too busy is when you need self-care the most.


future self

I can’t tell you what’s good for you. Only you know what’s good for your body and soul. It could be a yoga class, a walk in nature, calling an old friend, having an un-plugged bubble bath, un-uplugged lunch, un-plugged anything. You already know what you want to do.

Please your future self and do it today. Or at least take the first step. Make the reservation. The self-care will boomerang back and end up pleasing those nearest and dearest to you because you’ll have more to give. But an empty well won’t. Fill her up, will ya? I promise your future self is smiling.