How To Create Summer Solstice Flower Crown/Wreath

How To Create Summer Solstice Flower/herbal Crowns and Wreaths by Layla Morgan Wilde

As the summer solstice approaches, nature blooms with vibrant colors and fragrant scents, offering a perfect opportunity to create beautiful flower and herbal wreaths or crowns. Here’s how to craft your own unique flower and herbal creations.

The theme is circular like the sun whether you wear a flower crown or make a decorative wreath for doors.

I believe ordinary daisies or dandelions can serve as potent symbols of the season, connecting us to the bountiful energy of nature and the celebration of the sun’s zenith. Whether you use common herbs or luxurious roses, there is no limit how to infuse your summer solstice celebrations with enchantment and natural beauty.

DIY summer solstice flower crown/wreath

1. Gathering Supplies: Forage in the wild, your own garden, farmers’ markets or garden center for unique and seasonal ingredients. Look for a variety of colors, shapes, and textures to add visual interest to your wreath. If you prefer dried elements, make sure they are fully dry before use. For added embellishments, please recycle of re-purpose. Visityour local thrift shop and rummage in your sewing basket, jewelry box and kitchen junk drawer.

  1. Floral wire or a wire wreath frame
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Scissors
  4. Floral tape or thin floral wire
  5. Assortment of flowers, herbs, leaves and any other natural elements you desire (fresh or dried)
  6. Ribbon or string
  7. Optional charms, beads or feathers

DIY summer solstice flower crown/wreath

Step 2: Prepare the wreath base. If using floral wire, form it into a circular shape to create the wreath base. Alternatively, use a wire wreath frame. Adjust the size according to your preference, keeping in mind that the finished wreath will appear larger due to the added flowers and foliage. For flower crown, measure your head with a tape measure or improvise with piece of string.

Step 3: Prepare the flowers and greenery. Trim the stems of your flowers and greenery to a manageable length, leaving a few inches to work with. Check for any insects. Remove any unwanted leaves or thorns to create a clean and neat appearance.

Step 4: Attach greenery to the wreath base. Using floral tape or thin floral wire, secure a piece of greenery to the wreath base. Start at one end and wrap the tape or wire tightly around the base and stem of the greenery. Continue adding and attaching greenery, overlapping the stems slightly until you cover the entire wreath base. This will create a lush and full background for your flowers.

Step 5: Add the flowers. Begin by selecting your focal flowers. Place them strategically around the wreath, spacing them out evenly for a balanced look. Attach each flower by wrapping floral tape or thin floral wire tightly around the stem and the wreath base. Make sure the flowers are secure but be gentle to avoid damaging them.

DIY summer solstice flower crown/wreath

Step 6: Layer with additional flowers and elements. Once you have attached your focal flowers, fill in the gaps with smaller blooms and other natural elements, such as berries, feathers, or seed pods. Vary the colors, shapes, and sizes for a visually appealing composition. Attach each element using floral tape or thin floral wire, ensuring they are tightly secured to the wreath base.

Step 7: Finishing touches. Trim any excess stems or wire, ensuring the back of the wreath is tidy. If desired, attach charms or ribbon. Try it on for size and adjust by trimming the greenery. For hanging wreaths tie a string ribbon or hook to top of the wreath for hanging.

Step 8: Enjoy your creation and wear or display with pride. Find a special place to display your flower wreath. It could be on a door, above a fireplace, or as a centerpiece for a festive gathering. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and the joy you’ve created with your own hands.

summer solstice flower wreath crown

Here’s a few design suggestions.

  1. Here Comes The Sun! A sunflower-themed wreath or crown symbolizing the radiant energy of the summer sun.
  2. Herbaceous Delights: Highlight the aromatic beauty of herbal wreaths by showcasing a variety of herbs known for their summer such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, and sage, offering both visual appeal and delightful scents. If you live in a climate where the herbs are already flowering, I love purple flowering chives.
  3. Wildflower Meadow:  Embrace the untamed beauty of wildflowers and roadside weeds like daisies, poppies, Queen Anne’s Lace interweaving them into a wreath base adorned with fresh foliage. Of course avoid poison ivy, oak or sumac.
  4. Symbolic Blooms: Incorporate flowers and herbs with specific symbolic meanings into the wreaths. For example, roses for love, dandelions for wishes, or marigolds for protection.
  5. Sacred Geometry: Explore the fascinating world of sacred geometry by incorporating geometric shapes into wreath designs. Arrange flowers and herbs in patterns such as spirals, mandalas, or geometric symbols like the sun or a pentacle, infusing the wreath with deeper spiritual significance.
  6. Magical Embellishments: Have fun adding enchanting touches to the wreaths, such as ribbons, crystals, or small charms, to amplify their mystical qualities.

The solstice is an astrologically creative time to bring nature’s abundant magic into your home and outdoor celebrations. Embrace the joy of crafting, let your creativity bloom as you incorporate your own unique flair into powerful symbols of the summer solstice.

A flower or herbal wreath is special addition to your altar.

If you have limited supplies, use what you have.

Still feeling creative?

Nature Crafts and Art: Engage in creative expression by making nature-inspired crafts or artwork. Collect fallen leaves, flowers, twigs, stones or seashells to create a nature mandala or a collage. Use natural materials to make jewelry, dreamcatchers, or other crafts that celebrate the beauty of the season.

See my post on how to create Nature Mandalas.

Summer Solstice Divination: Seek Guidance from the Spirits of the Season using tarot or oracle cards, scrying with fire or water, or seeking omens in nature. The heightened energy of the season can enhance divination experiences.