Memories and Backdoor Thieves

One of my favorite long time readers disappeared during the unfortunate blog migration and he emailed me recently to see how I was doing. I guess he missed the email about the changes. Countless other readers also fell through the cracks and I was doubly delighted to hear from him. Not only would he leave thoughtful comments but has a blog of his own quotes or aphorisms. In a world of copycats, Marty Rubin is an original. Once in a blue moon I’d borrow one of his aphorisms to showcase in one of my images. I feel blessed to be able to share one of his today about memories and our (often faulty) memory. The images were taken just before all the snowstorms hit. The icy white landscape seems like it’s been here forever but the image proves my memory wrong: it’s only been six or seven weeks. That puts a different spins on things. Soon the ice will be a memory.

Have a memorable week! And for a special treat go visit Marty’s Aphorism of the Day

memory quote-garden muse


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One thought on “Memories and Backdoor Thieves”

  1. Thanks, Layla! Always a thrill to see one of my aphorisms here. I’ve been shoveling so much snow I think my deltoids have grown two inches. When the sky clears, I drive to a nearby lake to watch the sun glittering on the icy surface.

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