Mother Nature Is A Bitch But Everything

Mother Nature Is A Bitch but only if we don’t treat her right.

Maybe I’m one for not treating you right. I recently discovered how easy it is to edit a photo on my phone and share it on Pinterest. That’s one reason I haven’t blogged here lately. I often will post something to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and no where else. That’s plain stupid and ass backwards when I have two blogs where the content can be shared from there. My bad for neglecting you dear readers. Then there is the nonprofit crowdfunding campaign Black Cats Tell All I launched on Kickstarter to help black cats. Yup, I’m a little busy.

The Garden Muse is alive and well at her own Pinterest board The Garden Muse Quotes. I just posted 5 new ones but only one here today.  Gah.. I just also noticed, a typo in the quote.  I’m not happy either to have to place a large watermark but my photo quotes get stolen way too often. That’s my gripe for the day unlike Mother Nature who deserves to be listened to.


It’s pouring rain as I write this. The garden is the most lush in memory, too green if that’s possible. We’ll need a machete to hack back the growth. This is New York not New Guinea or other tropical place. This isn’t normal but what is anymore?

Meanwhile vast areas of this country are so parched, a hot breath could ignite a firestorm. Floods are occurring in unlikely places in a topsy turvey world horribly out of balance. We understand it intellectually but too busy consuming (you’re doing it right now) information, stimulation resulting in a mass state of denial.

In few seconds you’ll go on to your next task and by tomorrow or next week, it’ll be something else. Maybe you’ll recycle, consume less, shop more thoughtfully OR maybe you’ll take steps to save your life by saving the planet.

In searching for lists to link to about things to save the planet, I got so pissed off by all the ads pushing to buy, buy, buy. Thankfully, I found an ad-free list of 40 things you can to save the planet. It’s a PDF from Earth Day and it’s brilliant. Forget 40, just do one, for now…

We haven’t treated Mother Nature right. If you’d been raped and beaten, tortured and stripped of every last dignity, it would be natural to be angry, as would  to retaliate and punish the abuser if the opportunity presented itself. Frankly, I’m surprised Mother Nature has been as patient and forgiving as she has been, all things considered.

There is no point blaming Mother Nature or any species on this planet except one. Mother Nature is a bitch but everything.