Shamanic Invocations & 7 Directions Prayers

Shamanic Invocations & 7 Directions Prayers by Layla Morgan Wilde

These invocations can be used for my Summer Solstice series or modified for any season or occasion. See my post on Summer Solstice Manifestation Meditation.

This is my prayer to the 7 directions. It’s evolved over the years but it’s something I do every day. I feel it’s important to make any prayer or invocation your own. Memorize and embody it. Make it yours.

I add or delete words as needed.


Prayer to the 7 Directions by Layla Morgan Wilde


I honor and give thanks to the spirits of the East,

the rising sun, the element of air, the place of all beginnings.

Surround me with your gentle healing breeze to guide me today.


I honor and give thanks to the spirits of the South,

the element of fire, the full blazing sun that gives life to all.

Fill me with your spark of creative energy and burn away all that no longer serves me.


I honor and give thanks to the spirits of the West,

the element of water from tiny streams to the mighty oceans.

May your healing waters flow to me and guide me in my intuition.


I honor and give thanks to the spirits of the North,

the element of Earth, the grounding roots beneath my feet,

the rocks and trees and all those who walk this path beside me,

my animal spirit guides protect my path today.


I honor and give thanks to all that is above,

The Gods and Goddesses, Angels, Spirit Guides of the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Guide me in your celestial wisdom. Show me how I can _______


I honor and give thanks to all that is below,

all those who have walked this path before me,

my blood ancestors, my witch and shamanic ancestors

and all others who have paved the way for me.

Keep me grounded and on the right path.


I honor and give thanks to all that is within,

May my heart stay pure, my actions true with love and compassion.

Thank you! 

shamanic invocations prayers 7 directions

Here are a selection of other invocations geared for the Summer Solstice and beyond.

In shamanic traditions, honoring the seven directions is a powerful way to connect with the energies of the natural world and the spiritual realms. Here is a shamanic prayer or invocation to the helping spirits that honors the seven directions:

“Great Spirits and Helping Beings, I stand here in reverence and gratitude, Seeking your presence and guidance. In the East, I call upon the element of Air, The breath of life and the winds of change. Bless me with clarity, inspiration, and new beginnings.

In the South, I call upon the element of Fire, The passion, transformation, and creative force. Ignite the flames within me, empowering my journey.

In the West, I call upon the element of Water, The flow, emotions, and healing energy. Cleanse and purify my spirit, filling me with love and compassion.

In the North, I call upon the element of Earth, The stability, abundance, and grounding energy. Root me deeply in the earth, connecting me with my ancestral wisdom.

Above me, I call upon the Divine, God, Goddess, and Angels, The celestial beings and universal forces. Guide me with divine light and wisdom, uplifting my spirit.

Below me, I call upon my Ancestors, The guardians and wise ones who came before me. Guide me with your ancestral wisdom, supporting my path.

Within me, I call upon the Sacred Heart, The center of my being, the seat of love and intuition. Open my heart to the whispers of the spirits, the guidance of the unseen.

So be it, blessed be!”

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Here are some more shorter examples of shamanic invocations that can be used to celebrate the Summer Solstice:

  1. Invocation to the Sun: “Great Sun, radiant and mighty, On this sacred day of the Summer Solstice, I call upon your fiery essence. Illuminate my path with your golden light, Infuse me with your warmth and vitality. Guide me in harmony with the cycles of nature, As I celebrate your radiant power. Blessed be!”
  2. Invocation to Mother Earth: “Earth, our nurturing and abundant mother, On this sacred day of the Summer Solstice, I honor your fertile embrace. Your lush landscapes and bountiful gifts inspire me. As the sun reaches its zenith, I offer my gratitude. Help me connect deeply with your rhythms, Awakening my primal instincts and intuition. In harmony with your cycles, I celebrate the solstice. Blessed be!”
  3. Invocation to the Spirits of Nature: “Spirits of nature, guardians of the land, On this sacred day of the Summer Solstice, I invite your presence and wisdom. From the tallest trees to the smallest creatures, You are the essence of life’s vitality. Join me in celebrating the solstice’s power, Help me attune to the magic that surrounds us. Guide me on a journey of spiritual growth and transformation. Blessed be!”
  4. Invocation to Ancestors and Spirit Guides: “Ancestors and spirit guides, ancient and wise, On this sacred day of the Summer Solstice, I seek your guidance and support. As the veils between worlds grow thin, I call upon your wisdom and insight. Grant me clarity and vision during this solstice time, Help me honor my lineage and connect with ancient wisdom. With your presence, I celebrate the magic of the sun’s peak. Blessed be!”

Remember, these invocations are meant to serve as inspiration. Feel free to modify or adapt these invocations to align with your personal beliefs and spiritual practices. Allow your intuition to guide you to create your own invocations with the help of your helping spirits or deities you work with in your path.

Open your heart and throat to speak with intention, allowing the energy of your words to resonate and create a sacred space for solstice rituals.

Much love,


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