The Power of Letting Go

Is three times the charm? Let’s hope so as we re-post about letting go for the third time. A WordPress plugin glitch created a fatal error and in the restore lost the post, again in the height of Trickster irony.  Apologies for broken links to previous versions of the post on social. This is a shorter version about the power and magic of letting go inspired by the poem “Letting Go” from Canadian poet blogger Sherry Marr’s lovely blog of poetry and images at Star Dreaming with Sherry Blue Sky

There is no magic to letting go. You either let go or hang on. Hanging on when it’s time to let go is painful. To save my sanity, I let go and decided not to re-write the post. Here’s snippet about it from my other blog Cat Wisdom 101 and huge gratitude for the lessons learned. Thankfully the photo graphic I created about the poem remains intact.

We’re heading (too fast for my liking) towards the holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving. This year, I’m approaching it with equal parts joy, gratitude and dread. It’sbeen a tough time for many of us. Stress is at record levels. Every year I commit to doing less of what doesn’t bring joy.

This year, let’s focus on what really matters and let go of the rest.

I’ve hardly blogged at my other blog Boomer Muse, but during Blog 4 Peace Day, a blogger from Canada left a comment. She’s not a cat or pet blogger but something guided me to visit her at StarDreaming. She posted a poem she recently wrote that spoke loudly to me of love, loss and letting go. I emailed Sherry, the blogger, and asked permission to create a post around the poem “Letting Go”, she kindly said yes. I didn’t have time but I made time and the act of writing someone else’s powerful words in a new form slowed time to a stop like magic.


Letting Go poem

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